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@cindysue04 – I really hope that Enbrel will bring you the relief that you need. The pain can be so hard to cope with. We are always here for you. There are so many different medications available on the market at the moment. – Clair, Community Moderator & Author

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I was recently diagnosed with this disease by my Rhumy. I have never been in so much pain as I am now. Humera did not work for me, so he changed me to Embrel. I have been on this now for a month. Seems my psoriasis is better, but I’m still in unbelievable pain. I see my Rhumy doc in a month, hopefully my pain levels will be better then. What…

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@handsandfeet, I try to find creams that contain menthol as the cooling sensation is very helpful. There were also some ladies in the community suggesting taking a bath and applying a turmeric/oatmeal paste to your worst patches and then washing off. Let us know what you’re trying next!
-Victoria, Community Moderator

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@rebeljones36, it sounds like you are having a really rough time with your psoriasis at the moment 🙁 I hope that this information on the different treatment options available will be helpful: – if topical treatments don’t work, sometimes people will be referred for light therapy or given a systemic…

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So tired of itching and burning, I’ve got psoriasis over 75 percent of my body, I’ve tried everything, oils,lotions, vitamins, creams ointments, nothing has worked. I just want relief, anyone have any suggestions.

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The itching can definitely be aggravating, @handsandfeet :/ I hope that some relief comes your way very soon. We’re here anytime you need to vent!

I have tried an ice pack for my psoriatic arthritis pain, but not for the itching. I’ll definitely give it a try – thanks for the tip!