Psoriasis: Getting Beneath the Surface 2.0

Last updated: June 2018

Psoriasis is a chronic life-long autoimmune condition. While psoriasis primarily affects the skin, the chronic inflammation that is a hallmark of psoriasis can also lead to heart disease, psoriatic arthritis, fatigue, and other complications. Because of its highly visible nature, and the prevalent myths around the skin lesions, psoriasis can have a heavy emotional toll and has a significant impact across many areas of one’s life.

Psoriasis In America survey

Health Union conducted an online survey of people with psoriasis, titled “Psoriasis In America 2016,” to identify the range of challenges and treatment experiences of people living with psoriasis. A key finding of this survey is the frustration people with psoriasis have in finding a treatment plan that works for them with 2/3 reporting that they are not satisfied with their current treatment plan. Effective treatments that help with clearance of plaques may worsen other symptoms or cause flare-ups. People with psoriasis report frequent flare-ups that are caused by a variety of triggers.

While there are many treatment options available and people with psoriasis have a good awareness of these options, half of people are concerned with side-effects. This concern has deterred them from starting a medication or was a reason they stopped taking a medication.


The Psoriasis In America 2016 survey was conducted online between April 26 and June 18, 2016. Of the 582 people who completed the survey, 67% were currently diagnosed with plaque psoriasis and 50% with psoriatic arthritis.

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