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Turning My Psoriatic Story Into Art

One day, I stumbled upon this application called Procreate, where you get to draw and make calligraphy and digital illustrations. I drew post-it positivity notes and started my Instagram profile. It soon became a catharsis account for me and a way to release my emotions.

I thought of making an illustration to advocate about psoriasis, skin acceptance, and body positivity. I used my body and my patches as a reference, uploaded it to Instagram, and woke up to new followers and messages from people who appreciated my post.

From that day on, I decided to dedicate my platform to raising awareness of chronic illness, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, and mental health.

Art as a coping mechanism

I was never an expressive person. I struggled with being vulnerable and saying what I feel. Creative art and writing definitely helped me deal with my feelings instead of keeping them bottled up inside me.

My art has become an escape when the world is becoming too overwhelming. When I am anxious and drowning with sad thoughts, I’d sit down and write about it. When I am in physical pain and would rather spend the day in bed than being productive, I’d spend so many hours making digital portraits.

I would draw when I am unhappy, and I would draw even on my good days, too. But I would mostly draw to get myself through the day.

Art as a tool for healing

It’s amazing to see your body as an illustration, your flaws being turned into a portrait, and to be able to celebrate the parts you used to hate by turning it into art. It’s a powerful way of coping with your illness and glorifying your imperfections.

It’s a subtle way of reminding other people, even yourself, that you are ready to embrace your skin with all its flaws and imperfections, and that you love your body and everything that it does for you.

Whether it’s the process of drawing itself, seeing the final version, or knowing that it resonates with other chronic illness sufferers, art has played a relevant role in my journey to healing. It has saved me for so many instances, and I am happy to know that I get to save other people through my platform too.

Art as a fulfilling distraction

I encourage you to do something that you love every day. It doesn’t have to be big, and you don’t have to be excellent in doing it too—as long as it makes you happy. Find a hobby that would distract you from the pains of psoriasis, a hobby that would preoccupy you, but would make your life purposeful and fulfilling.

Whether it’s drawing, painting, composing songs, creating poetry, crocheting, planting, or cooking, I hope you find something worth doing and that do something worthwhile, too. Turn your story into art, because you’ll never know how it’s capable of saving others too. Your story is worth telling, and the whole world is ready to listen to you.

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