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Signs of Brain Fog

One thing you will find if you talk to someone who has had psoriasis is that brain fog is a real problem. For me, it definitely is.

I get so frustrated when I know what I want to say but it will not come out of my mind. It's like there is a disconnect between my brain and my mouth.

Brain fog is something I deal with on a daily basis. I will be trying to carry on a conversation with my husband and unable to. I wish I had a genie at times to jump out a lamp so I can have that one wish. Can you guess what that wish would be? That's right.

My wish would be to have the genie magically remove the brain fog. Maybe then I wouldn't feel so aggravated. Since I have been feeling this way I decided to do a little research into brain fog.

What is brain fog?

For those of you lucky enough to not experience brain fog, it is described as cognitive dysfunction. The symptoms are memory problems, lack of mental clarity, poor concentration, and the inability to focus.

Oh and let's not forget the mental fatigue factor that comes along with brain fog. That is a big one for me. I get so frustrated throughout the day that the more it happens, the more mentally fatigued I am.

Does this sound familiar to any of you? It just seems the more we battle psoriasis along with everything that comes with it, the more an uphill battle it becomes.

Brain fog can also make us feel like we are starting to have dementia if you are older. That is a scary thought especially when you have family members that have battled it.

Six possible causes of brain fog with psoriasis

I found that there are different possible causes of brain fog.1 Most of these are pretty straight forward. They include stress, lack of sleep, medication, and medical conditions. No surprises there right?

I do not know about you, but I suffer from all of these. The amount of medication I take is ridiculous. I truly hate it but I know it is necessary for me to function. Most of all of us deal with lack of sleep and the stress is a given factor when dealing with psoriasis.

Additional causes of brain fog with psorisais

Wait!! You are missing two causes. That is right. I left out two possible causes because I have to admit they took me by surprise.

The first was diet. While that didn't surprise me, what did was the mention of Vitamin B-12. More importantly Vitamin B-12 deficiency. I was surprised to learn that B-12 deficiency can bring on brain fog. I just had written an article about vitamin deficiency published here in this forum a few weeks ago. Yet here it was again listed.

The last possible cause of brain fog is hormonal changes. Women, for us, that is a big one. Surprised?

What to do if brain fog is impacting your life

If brain fog is impacting your life to the point that you cannot function, it is imperative that you talk to your doctor about it. Maybe if it is the medication causing it, then the doctor can lower the dosage or switch you to something else.

Even diet changes need to be discussed with your doctor. If it is a vitamin deficiency then there are solutions for that as well. I have to take B-12 shots as well as Vitamin D pills every six weeks because I stay vitamin deficient.

I never thought about hormonal changes bringing on brain fog but it does make sense. From experience, I know that hormonal changes will bring on a lack of sleep.

The stress we do not even have to discuss really given the current situation. I think we are all climbing to a stress breaking point like climbing a mountain to the peak.

It truly is no wonder why we as psoriatics deal with brain fog. Maybe this gives you some insight into what brain fog is and why we deal with it almost daily.

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