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Zinc Edition – Your Community Recommendations

Over the past year and a half I have been collecting and publishing your community recommendations! For this month’s article, I decided to follow a theme: zinc. Some individuals have shared how supplementing with zinc helped their psoriasis, but the research hasn’t confirmed this connection yet. What science has shown us is that topical zinc creams, shampoos, and soaps really can help psoriasis, and you agree. Here are four of your faves.

Desitin Diaper Rash Cream

Looking for a zinc cream that won’t break the bank? You may find just the thing in your nearest drugstore. Many in this community have noted that Desitin’s diaper rash cream helps soothe their plaques, especially for inverse and pustular psoriasis (which can be notoriously tricky to treat). The active ingredient in this cream is 13% zinc oxide. Other diaper rash creams work the same way, so if you can’t find Desitin, just check the ingredient label on another brand. As with all new creams, make sure to do a spot test first to check for reactions (especially important in those with sensitive skin!).

Noble Formula Soap

A big thanks to William for letting us know about Noble soap! The active ingredient in this bar soap is 2% zinc pyrithione. Other ingredients include mango butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, and oatmeal. The manufacturer, LovelySkin, lists the benefits of this soap as being chemical-free, safe for sensitive skin, exfoliating, hydrating, and vegan-friendly. The company says that this soap may help psoriasis, eczema, and flaky skin in general. The product also claims to be anti-seborrheic (helps with flaking), anti-fungal, and good for calming inflammation and irritation.

DHS Zinc Shampoo

We’ve had a cream and a soap, so how about a shampoo? Like Noble soap, the active ingredient in DHS Zinc shampoo is 2% zinc pyrithione (I’m thinking maybe I need both in my shower!). The application instructions for this shampoo are similar to other coal tar shampoos you may have used for your psoriasis – work into a lather, leave in for a few minutes and rinse. Best results if you use at least twice a week. This shampoo does contain ingredients that can irritate psoriatic skin, like lauryl sulfate, so check the ingredient list for your individual no-gos.

Calamine lotion

Calamine lotion, like diaper cream, should be something you can find in most drug stores, but I bet you didn’t know it was full of zinc! Growing up we used calamine lotion for itchy bug bites and poison ivy – although I have always found the Pepto Bismol-looking pink liquid to be quite messy. If you don’t want the mess of a topical application, some have recommended adding it to bath water. Calamine lotion gets its name from the main ingredient, calamine powder, which is a combination of zinc oxide and ferric oxide. It can help in soothing irritated skin and calming mild itching (though I don’t know if I would classify my psoriasis itching as only “mild” most of the time).

Do you have any other zinc faves? Maybe Psoriasin or Alba Botanica? Something else? Leave your faves in the comments!

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