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Taking Control During A Flare

Recently I had a breakout. It was very hard for me especially since I had been clear consistently for about two months. If you are living with psoriasis then you probably understand the constant routine. One month you may be clear and then all of a sudden your immune system goes out of whack and the lesions reappear. I have had psoriasis for nine years but my flares can still be unpredictable. One thing I can say from experience is I have definitely learned different ways of coping during a breakout, which helps me manage my psoriasis a lot better.

I felt like no one would understand

I can remember growing up in high school and early college, I would handle my breakouts all on my own. The only people who knew were my family and even they did not know how much of a toll my breakouts had on me. I would not tell anyone out of fear of rejection and because having psoriasis was just not a “thing”. It was not a popular topic of discussion. Even I didn’t want to talk about it. I felt like no one would understand. It was not until I decided to confide in my boyfriend about what I had been experiencing that I finally found relief! Next, I eventually told my best friend and again, I felt completely rejuvenated! It was like a weight had been lifted. Not to my surprise, the people closest to me were so comforting and so supportive as I always knew they would be. I finally allowed myself to break free and tell MY story. I felt like I was finally in control of psoriasis and my psoriasis no longer controlled me.

Communication is key

Communication is a  very important part of coping with your psoriatic disease. It is extremely important to find someone in your inner circle that you can be open with about your skin. I found that isolating myself just caused more stress which is a huge trigger for psoriasis. You will be surprised at just how talking to someone about how you feel can make all the difference.

Coping strategies during a flare-up

Another coping strategy aside from communication that I have found to be helpful is exercising. Exercising and being active helps fight stress. It’s easy to isolate yourself and stay indoors to avoid being seen during a flare. But, a thirty-minute jog, a yoga session or a visit to the gym is all it takes to help you feel refreshed and energized. Aside from exercising you can try to take up a hobby. One of my favorite past times is writing. I write to clear my mind during a flare and it helps take my focus off my skin. Maybe you enjoy playing a sport, drawing, shopping or sewing. Whatever it is, take some time to do it. You will find just how easy to it is to focus your mind on the things you enjoy doing rather than a flare!

Flares are difficult to deal with but once you find your best coping strategy, you can start taking control. I always like to remind myself that I have psoriasis but psoriasis doesn’t have me. I am in control and you should be too!

What are some different ways you cope during a flare? Any strategies work best for you?

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  • Barbara
    6 months ago

    I cannot relate. My psoriasis rashes were a constant, and a constant spread to new areas. There was no letup until I broke a bone. But as soon as the bone healed (a month), it all came raging back. The only thing I have found to get relief is a strict low carb diet. No sugar. No white rice. No white flour. No potatoes. Anything else seems to be fine to eat. It took 21 days on this diet for me to realize the psoriasis was going away. I still have it but it’s dormant, and only comes back when I cheat on this diet. But if I go back on the diet immediately, all the symptoms disappear again, quickly. Whatever you can do to reduce chronic inflammation will help your psoriasis tremendously.

  • Tikeyah Varner author
    6 months ago

    I can relate 100%. Sugar is definte no for me. It causes me to flare as well. I steer away from soda, sugary juices etc. I have gotten to a point where I don’t even add sugar to my coffee only cream. I see you said it took 21 days for your diet to help. I think I will take that advice and try that.

  • PallaveeTrehan
    6 months ago

    Hi Tikeyah! Thanks for chiming in. It’s so important to be aware of what triggers your psoriasis. What works for one person may not work for another and it’s always awesome to hear different perspectives. Do sugar substitutes like stevia, also cause flares? Keep me posted!

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