What Is Your Creative Outlet?

I have had psoriasis and PsA for 56 years and there have been times where I was all alone in this world. I had to find ways to entertain myself to keep my sanity. If you have psoriasis, then you know the importance of a support system, but did you realize the importance of a creative outlet? I spent so much time alone because I didn’t want to face the world with this disease.

What are creative outlets?

You can find things that give you joy, happiness or an escape. Creative outlets are those things that take your mind off all your stress and allow you to spend time doing those things that you like doing. We can take a vacation or have a mental health day. There have been days in my life that if someone said good morning to me; I just wanted to scream, don’t talk to me today.

We all need some time to ourselves to just de-stress and leave the world behind for a minute. This is especially important for those of us that suffer from an autoimmune disease like psoriatic arthritis because managing stress and staying active have proven benefits. Not to mention the risk of battling depression is quite high and creative outlets are a great way to combat depression.

Finding your own creative outlet

You can just write down things daily to form a creative outlet. It’s a chance to put all your thoughts down on paper and write about things good or bad in a therapeutic manner. Just take the time to write your thoughts every day no matter what it is. You can even ask yourself questions about how you're doing that day, how I can make my day better, or who can I talk to today?

Some people like painting, crafting, blogging, photography or scrapbooking and for others, it could be reading, spending time with family creating traditions or a day just to sit at the beach and soak up some vitamin D. For me it’s spending time with my grand-kids, just taking them on road trips, and sharing everything I know with them like making bread, frying the best chicken and making the best “slap “yo” mama” potato salad.

My creative outlets for coping

I want to be looked at as being a role model that people can look up to and say, “I want to be just like her.” I write stories and speak about my life. I want to talk about my past, the good and the bad. The one thing I have learned on this journey is to listen to other people, give them a voice, and let others hear what they have to say.

Sometimes creative outlets are just things we really dream of doing but don’t have the courage to try. We make excuses for why we don’t have time to spend on ourselves and sadly that bad for our mental and physical health. Write a book even if it doesn’t get published, paint with watercolors even if you don’t feel like Picasso and take a pottery class just because it’s fun. You can even try riding a horse or just go shopping.

The importance of a creative outlet

Don’t allow your psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis to become an excuse that prevents you from activities you love. Spend some time trying different things until you find things you really enjoy. It can be indoor and outdoor activities. On days when you’re having a flare-up or in pain stay indoors and journal, cook or sewing. On good days when you want to get out of the house, that’s the time to do some bird watching or even fishing. Having a creative outlet is just as important as a support group for those of us suffering from any disease. Denying yourself time to things you enjoy doesn’t serve anyone around you well, most especially yourself. Always remember that learning never stops; it keeps us motivated and makes life fun.

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