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6 Psoriasis Superfoods

6 Psoriasis Superfoods

I have always been someone who tries to get to the bottom of something. Whether that’s my childhood quest to find out who stole my silly putty or my later-in-life mission to find out why psoriasis is chewing up my body and spitting it out like week-old gum, I’m getting to the bottom of it. First, you have to understand the basics of what’s happening. In the case of my silly putty, my little cousins liked stuffing things in their mouth, so I’m stamping that one “case closed” and moving on. As for my psoriasis…

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease. Whether you’re feeling that inflammation in your joints through psoriatic arthritis or seeing that inflammation on your skin through plaque or the several other types of skin psoriasis, there’s no question that if you’re feeling it or seeing it, it’s inflamed and untamed.

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is when the white blood cells (the body’s defense system) in your body are produced to fight off the body’s infections, like bacteria and viruses. However, in some cases, like psoriasis, the body’s defense – your immune system – triggers an inflammatory response to attack infections that don’t actually exist at the moment.

What is this inflammation doing?

The increased amount of white blood cells being released may cause swelling, irritation, and redness. In the short term, this may cause stimulation of the nerves and pain. In the long term, the swelling and irritation may even lead to wearing down of cartilage in the body.

While I may never actually “get to the bottom” of my psoriasis, I want to be as proactive as I can in determining what’s happening and what I can do on my own to help my body and my skin, in the short and long term. And while I don’t knock medicinal treatments in any way, I do try to make as many natural and holistic improvements on myself as I can. One of the first things I questioned as a psoriasis newcomer years ago was my diet. Because food is nourishment, it seemed only natural that the types of food I put into my body would help nourish (or destroy) my psoriasis.

I tinkered with many diets over the years. From more meat to less meat. No carbs to some carbs. A truckload of vegetables to “if I see another carrot again, I’m pretty sure I’ll actually turn into a rabbit.” With some trial and error (and a little bit of research), I present to you my 6 favorite psoriasis superfoods.


I love garlic (what good Italian doesn’t?). Garlic is widely recognized for its health benefits, especially in matters of the heart. But it may also prove useful for psoriasis patients. Garlic is an anti-inflammatory and can help soothe rashes flared by psoriasis. So, feel free to pile up on that gluten-free garlic bread. (Just pop in a breath mint afterward).

Healthy grains

Just because you’re giving up gluten, doesn’t mean you have to give up grains altogether. Try healthy grains like brown rice and quinoa to help reduce inflammation and take advantage of one of nature’s best laxatives.


You’ve probably heard about salmon’s anti-inflammatory properties for years, but it doesn’t hurt to mention this super food again. Salmon is full of the good fats that can reduce inflammation and also contains a carotenoid that can act as an antioxidant. I try and purchase wild-caught salmon rather than farm-bred any time I can.

Lean meats

Lean meats like white-meat chicken and turkey are both low in fat and high in protein. I have recently taken up the habit of cutting out the bread when I can. And you will find that, almost always, you can. Roll up the turkey with some bacon, and cut up the chicken and toss it into a salad. Just look out for those dressings, many are high in sugar. Want beef? Find a lean cut like sirloin or flank steak.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have anti-inflammatory effects and are rich in beta carotene, which is good for skin health. I keep a pre-washed, microwaveable potato in my fridge at all times.


Blueberries are not just a “super food” but they’re also a “super fruit”. These little blue gems have high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. I la-la-love blueberries and always keep a fresh batch in the fridge, especially when I’m feeling like something a little sweet. I tend to keep a lot of fruit on hand but I always make sure these berries are at the top of my list.

The list of psoriasis super foods goes well beyond 6, but these are definitely some of my top picks. And, if you look over the list again, you’ll probably notice that these foods are not only good for just your skin but your body as a whole. So, toss out those greasy potato chips that are in your hand right now and scoop up a handful of blueberries instead. Your skin will thank you for it!

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  • drsharadbali
    2 months ago

    All this is fine ! The MORE important thing is to use the correct food combinations,ie avoid bad food combinations. Salmon is a perfectly good food, but if taken alongwith white sauce(containing milk and salt), or parsley sauce will do more harm than good.

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