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Is Being Tired The Same As Being Fatigued?

I never understood that there was a difference between fatigue and being tired. Under the false impression that they were the same thing, I never gave it much thought.

That of course all changed when fatigue entered my life. (Insert dramatic music here and dim the lights) I had no idea what was waiting for me. Let me tell you about when I first figured out there was a difference.

The feeling of being tired versus the feeling of fatigue

One weekend, I was home with my family, watching movies on the couch, I felt a little tired and dozed off watching the film. This did not seem strange to me, as I was relaxed and falling asleep in front of the television is a firm favorite for me. The only difference was that when I woke up, it felt as if I had not slept for days.

My eyelids were weighed down and my body was exhausted, trying to actually wake up and stay away seems a feat too great for me. Having never felt this way before I can tell you it was pretty terrifying. My eyes kept dropping closed and I kept falling asleep. 

I could not sit still and I would find myself struggling to stay awake. It took me getting up having a cool shower and moving around to actually stay awake. There were no ways this was just a normal tired, it seems to have since never left. Although some days are easier than others. It is ever-present.

Coping and dealing with the fatigue from psoriasis

Here is the thing though I am a single mom, and my priority is my child. Any parent will understand this. So the fact that I was struggling to wake up and actually stay awake was deeply concerning. There was no choice in the matter, my eyes simply fell shut as my body was seemingly aware of being in a position that it could stay in. What it did not account for is that I was alone at home with a small child. 

With her continuously calling out: "mommy” and waking me up, I eventually summoned the strength to get up and start moving in an attempt to stay awake. Yes, I know this might sound dramatic to some, but to those who know and who have experienced this. You will know exactly the feeling that I am talking about.

Careful with fatigue around a child

I am careful. I keep busy when we are alone, and make sure that if we are going to nap that we both have a nap and she knows to wake me when she wakes up and not stop till I have gotten up from the bed.

I try to only nap when I have someone with me in the house so prevent any mishaps. My little love understands that at times her mommy is just so tired she needs to sleep. She is understanding and kind and does her best to let me be. This is however not her fault and I do try to not allow this to affect her life as far as possible.

The difference between being tired and being fatigued

Tired is something you can manage, you can go get into bed, sleep properly, and wake up feeling rested and have more energy. You are able to, for the most part anyway control when and where you fall asleep. Fatigue, on the other hand, asks no questions and if my body is sitting/laying down, it is ticketed.

It surely feels more like passing out than falling asleep and when you awake you are more tired than before. Sleep does not make fatigue better. So often when you are fatigued, you struggle to sleep properly and fall into a series of naps instead of consecutive restful sleep.

This in turn can cause anxiety levels to lift and mood changes to appear, while you are left feeling generally demotivated to do anything.

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