The Flu and Psoriasis

My dermatologist told me over 10 years to get the flu shot every year. He said that I have a weak immune system and the flu shot would help. He also said that because of my age that I would most likely feel sicker than the average person.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that affects your skin, and flare-ups are caused when your immune system attacks your skin cells. Triggers can be different for each person, but the flu is a big one for me. When I get an infection, my immune system goes crazy and won’t stop fighting the infection causing me to flare.

Flu season with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

I’ve had the flu a few times in my life. It can go from moderate to severe in what seems likes minutes. My psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis go completely out of control. I get very sick and need medical treatment because getting out of the bed is difficult. My body aches all over and I can be in bed for a week. I learned from this experience to not fool around with my health but to protect my immune system and have a flu shot.

For years I didn’t take the flu shot because of things I heard or something that happen to me. I swear to this day that the first time I took a flu shot it gave me the flu. I didn’t want to ever take that shot again. Of course, after doing my own research I realize that couldn’t have happened. The flu injection doesn't contain any live virus, so it couldn’t possibly have multiplied in my body; which is what the virus has to do in order to give you flu. He said that I probably had a cold coming on and if that was the case the flu shot would not have helped me because it only protects you against the flu. This was very good information.

I would fuss at my doctor and ask him why I had to take the shot every year? In my mind, I took a shot a year ago; one shot was enough. He explained to me that there are different types of viruses that come out each year and you don’t know which one it is, so you need to protect yourself against all different kinds of new strains.

Protect yourself from the flu

I have been trying to find ways to help from getting the flu each year. I call my grand-kids germ carriers. When they get sick I get sick. I try and keep my distance from then when they are sick and stay away from other sick people too. We have been hearing this since the beginning of time to wash our hands frequently. They carry lots of germs.

The only other thing I would suggest is to eat right and get plenty of sleep. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze. The flu virus can live on things like doors, desks and other items. If you touch these items and put your hand on your nose, mouth, and eyes, it can make you sick. Stay healthy this flu season.

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