Pso Grateful - Two Years of Psoriasis Community

Happy 2 year anniversary!

We want to take the time to extend our sincere thanks! We love reading your stories, your comments on articles, answering your questions and helping connect you to information and others in the psoriasis community. It has been 2 years of so much awesome and we want to thank you all for making such an amazing community.


Thank you for sharing your stories of struggle, for opening up and shining a light on the daily battles that psoriasis can bring. By sharing the highs and the lows you have helped others feel less alone, less stigmatized and not ashamed by this chronic condition.

Pso much to celebrate!

Thank you for sharing your triumphs, all the ways you've learned to conquer and cope with the many aspects of psoriasis. Thank you for sharing how psoriasis has made you stronger and sharing the lessons you've learned along the way. Your stories of perseverance and overcoming challenges gives hope to so many!

All the information

Thank you for being honest and opening up about treatment options and failures, relationships and dating, working with your doctor, finding a doctor, raising a family, getting married, home remedies and much, much more! Your experiences are what makes this community so meaningful for so many!

Raising your voices

Thank you for all of the countless hours you spend towards psoriasis advocacy efforts including raising your voices to help spread awareness about psoriasis, raising money to help fund psoriatic disease research, volunteering your time and resources at various psoriasis events and supporting other patients and caregivers.

So cheers to you all and we look forward to being here for you all and elevating your psoriasis experiences until there is a psoriasis cure!

Let us know what you have found helpful and what you would like to hear more about in the community! Have a psoriasis story you want to share, we would love to hear from you! Submit your story here.

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