What I Wish I Could Say To My Psoriasis

Have you ever thought about what you would say to your psoriasis if it was a real person? Would you totally go off? Would you start to speak but cry instead?

Writing a letter to psoriasis

After seventeen years of living with psoriasis, I have had many thoughts of telling my psoriasis exactly what I think of it. I know I may sound crazy but I feel like it sometimes helps to run through a scenario like an actress practicing a scene.

Am I alone in doing so or is this something you have done countless times as well? Have you written a letter to your psoriasis - like my good friend Alisha Bridges has done? Her letter was more of a breakup letter. I will let you read more about that on your own. Mine is more of a narration of events.

It starts with a diagnosis

The year is 2003. How could I possibly imagine that this year would be the one to change my life forever? A patch on my left leg and a trip to the doctor will start this journey. It is a journey that has been a curse and a blessing.

Diagnosis: psoriasis? What is that? How can a term that I have never heard be something I will battle for the rest of my life? The emotional toll, the nagging itching, the gross creams for treatments, and watching it spread like wildfire all over my body was something I was not prepared for. The journey psoriasis will take me on is unimaginable.

Finding new ways to cope

It is sad to say that I do not exactly remember how long ago that my life changed. However, I do remember the very day that I went to a conference where I met people exactly like me. The place: Chicago. The Conference: The National Psoriasis Foundation's Volunteer Conference. There is no way to tell you what being around all those people who were all battling psoriasis and understood fully what you were going through done for me.

The biggest takeaway from it was that I was not alone. There are many just like me. Another take away from that conference was that everyone was fighting to make a difference when dealing with psoriasis. It forever changed my life. I left feeling a sense of togetherness. Years later I have made so many connections my friendship cup runneth over. Better yet, they are not friends they truly are family.

You will always be around

Today, psoriasis, you have changed my life. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for the worse. I have accepted that my skin will forever show signs of you being there. From the scars to the hyper-pigmentation to the possible flares I will always have you around.

Because of you, psoriasis, I have met some of the best people that are the sweetest and have my back when I need them. If it hadn't been for you impacting my life chances are I would have never met them. I would not be volunteering as a mentor for those that are newly diagnosed.

Finding a sense of accomplishment

Psoriasis has given me a sense of accomplishment helping others. You, psoriasis, have given me a chance to travel to states I might not have otherwise seen. Public speaking was never my thing but I have gotten past that telling my story about psoriasis.

While everyone might not agree that their psoriasis has been anything positive - I do. It has brought me to this community and to that I say thank you. Now onward and upward to the years I have left in my life living with you.

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