Psoriasis and Your Love Life

Under so-called normal circumstances, relationships are hard. Relationships face trials and many tribulations. There is a lot of negotiating, compromising, and a whole lot of love. There are moments of pure joy and laughter. There is beauty when you quietly look at the person you love and contentment floods your soul.

When you add anything to the mix of relationships, things could end up being a little trickier. When you add an autoimmune disease, there is no doubt that some of these things are bound to become even harder to negotiate. Those with psoriasis, we bring our own set of unique challenges to the relationship table.

Accepting the psoriasis faults

When you get to a certain age in your life, you realize that without a doubt everyone has baggage. The arrogance of youth disappears as the grey hair roots.

We no longer think that we have no faults and we are more accepting of ourselves and our other faults. The only thing is that we all have different ones. I once read a very sweet thing that said, we all have baggage, it is about finding someone to unpack it with.  Be accepting of your own and of others' baggage.

Psoriasis and sex

Ah, that three-letter word that seems to hold so much power. Sex might be something that is hard for you if you have psoriasis for a variety of reasons. It may be due to the location of your psoriasis, genital psoriasis is a thing, and bitterly painful thing too.

Also, our self-image may not be what it should be due to how our skin looks. More often than not it is about how we see ourselves. Even if our partners are accepting of our skin, we often are not. Find ways to make it enjoyable for both of you. Take precautions needed to make it comfortable and safe for both of you.

The importance of communication

This is seriously the most underrated tool in the world, in my humble opinion. The age-old saying, Communication is key. It is not always a comfortable subject to talk about, however, in a relationship it will serve you well.

Assumptions can cause such issues, oftentimes they could have been avoided totally if both people had sat down and spoken about it.

Defining intimacy

Intimacy is undervalued I often think that people forget that there is more to intimacy than sex. There are ways to connect with your lover that might not be as painful but keep the connection alive. Read to each other, plan surprise date nights or days. 

Delve into the parts that make your partner tick. Attend their favorite ballet with them, and enjoy it, even if ballet is not your thing. Take them fishing with you, be happy to teach them, or to allow them to read a book while you fish.

Loving your psoriasis skin

There comes a time that you need to accept and appreciate the fact that your lover accepts you as you are. It can be very hard to accept yourself. We need to be careful not to deny others the privilege of doing the same. Let them love you as you are, allow them to be there for you.

If they have seen your skin and they are still around. Then they know about it, it is not news to them. Be kind to you and your loved one. Communicate and be honest, make effort and love each other even when it is hard.

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