Masks and Ear Psoriasis

There is so much going on in the world today. Having psoriasis is hard on anyone even on a good day. Now we are in unprecedented times that most of us have not had to face before.

With this coronavirus pandemic, we are being asked to wear masks to try to curve the spread of this disease. While it may be an inconvenience for those that are healthy, it is a whole other story for those of us dealing with psoriasis.

Wearing a mask with face or ear psoriasis

I am lucky in that I do not have psoriasis on my face or on my ears. I cannot even fathom what it would be to wear a mask under those two situations.

However, it is a real issue for those that have face and ear psoriasis. My hope is that these suggestions may help to make their discomfort more bearable.

Wearing a mask to reduce the risk of COVID

For everyone dealing with psoriasis, wearing a mask is essential. Our immune systems are already compromised. If you are on a biologic, chances are your immune system is double compromised.

Although it has not been made mandatory to wear a mask where I live, there are other states that have made it so. I never go out in public without it. The masks are so hot. To say they are uncomfortable is an understatement.

I always feel like I am suffocating in them. Remember that I do not even have psoriasis on my face or on my ears. One of the sayings, when I was growing up, was not to complain because someone always has it worse than you.

For as much as those masks are uncomfortable for me, they have to be triply uncomfortable for someone with face and/or ear psoriasis. This situation was brought to my attention this week.

Learning from a post on social media

There is a group called Psoriasis Network Support that is on social media. The administrator asked for tips for those wearing masks when they have ear psoriasis. The straps that go over the ears are so uncomfortable on a standard mask.

The responses were numerous with a lot of great tips. So if you have ear psoriasis maybe some of these tips will make it better on you.

Recommendations from others about wearing a mask with ear psoriasis

  1. Try putting cotton balls under the strap. It might not look stylish but it will help.
  2. Neck Gaiters have no straps. Some can even be dipped in water to help with the heat.
  3. Masks, bandannas, and head scarfs that tie so that it doesn't touch the ears at all.
  4. Masks that strap around the head instead of the ears.
  5. Buttons on your eyeglass frames with tiny rubber bands (although I am not sure how that works, but it was suggested).

Is there anything else that makes wearing a mask easier with ear psoriasis?

This pandemic doesn't seem to be going away. That means we are stuck for an indefinite amount of time wearing those masks to protect us. If you are like me, I didn't even know that gaiters are a thing. I had not even heard of them.

Thanks to that post on social media, I have a better understanding of something I was taking for granted. If you have a recommendation that is not listed here, would you please share it? That is the purpose of these articles so that we might help one another during tough times as well as the good times.

If you have ear psoriasis, have you found anything that makes wearing those masks easier for you? Maybe you have found something that helps that doesn't rub you the wrong way? Or should I say your psoriasis the wrong way?

Have you found something that makes facial psoriasis not as itchy? Any and all suggestions are welcome. As unpleasant as those masks are, I will be thinking of each of you that has ear and facial psoriasis especially as we head into the hotter summer months.

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