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The Power of a Siesta

Sleep I believe is one of the most underrated medicines in the world.  You will often find me talking about this topic rather passionately as I believe that we need more sleep than what we are currently getting.

Many of us find it hard to get a full night’s sleep due to itchy skin or pain levels. So this will often leave you feeling really exhausted and with the frustration of not being able to get proper rest.

The importance of a nap with psoriasis

Enter the siesta. There are many cultures today that believe work must be stopped for a period of two hours, in the middle of the day. This time is used to have lunch, slow down, and have a nap.  I tell you what, I do wish I lived in an era where this was daily practice everywhere.

Defining a sleep cycle

I have read that a total of 90 minutes is one full sleep cycle. This gives you body the time to go through all the essential sleepy moments that we need to store our memories from the day and allow our bodies to rest.

We do need more than one to create a pattern that is truly beneficial to us. However, these 90 minutes have led me to my perfect nap time, two hours.

Two hours is what I need to get a good rest in. It takes me more than 15 minutes to actually fall asleep so that leaves me with 115 minutes to sleep. I wake up feeling rested and a little better off.

This also guarantees that I will still be able to get some sleep at night. This way I do not mess with my normal sleep time too much. Also, the people who live with me will tell you it turns me into a little less of a dragon lady.

What are the benefits of a nap?

Because we often do not sleep properly at night, naps could be used to support us during the day. This is only really sustainable if you do not work though, much to my aggravation.

If only our employers knew how much more productive this would make us. A nap room seems to be as important to me as a lunchroom.  If you struggle to sleep and you are able to take a nap in the day. Take it. Allow it to help you.

These are only some of the benefits of napping, I am confident that there are many many more.

  • Stress reduction
  • Attention span increases
  • Mood improves
  • Boost creativity and productivity
  • Memory improves

Just let us nap!

As with most things in life, there is a stigma to napping. A very incorrect one at that. Some people think that those of us who like to nap often are lazy and have no drive. Yet it can mean the total opposite. For some of us, it is a way of coping.

Naps allow us brief relief from the pain and itchiness that is such a large part of our life. It could truly help us become a better version of ourselves.

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