That Wasn’t Sweet (A Cautionary Perfume Tale)

Every now and then I will try a new perfume. I never forget that I have psoriasis, so I’m very careful what I put on my skin.

You know when your young, you don’t think first. I would always try different beauty products, soaps, perfumes without skipping a beat. Every now and then something would make me itch like crazy or I would have a mild flare; but nothing serious. There is always a first time for everything though.

Immediately eacting to perfumes

I remember one evening getting ready to go out with friends. I had gone to the mall with my friends earlier and we had got samples of perfumes. I remember how nice it smelled, and wanted to smell that way for the evening.

I couldn’t believe what was happening next. Within a few minutes, my head starting hurting, I was itching like crazy and having trouble breathing. I couldn’t believe this, but I knew immediately what the problem was. I was so uncomfortable that I had to leave the event. I took Benadryl to calm my symptoms down.

I called my dermatologist and told him what happen to me; his advice was, “Well, I guess you need to stay away from products with any fragrance in them.” Really!!! I thought he was just being smart, but he was on to something. Over the past 50 years, I have had a chance to try many products and have so many reactions to things. My doctor was right – I needed to stay away from fragrances. I started using fragrance-free things, such as; laundry detergents, soaps, and lotions. I even found essentials oils that are wonderful. They have scents and add beneficial effects to the skin.

What’s in the perfume?

Our skin is very sensitive and everything is not going to work for everybody. I wanted to try a new perfume and smell great the night of the event, but that wasn’t sweet. As a matter of fact it turned out to be a sour night with me just wanting relief. I tend to stay away from unwanted products now, especially if I don't know what's in them or they fail to have a label.

I have told my family and friends over the years about products that affect my skin. They still give me perfumes and lotions as gifts, 50 years later. I have tried to explain to them that there are so many things in these products that I can’t even name and that they often cause my psoriasis to flare-up.

All I know is that certain things react like poison to someone who had psoriasis. It amazes me what can affect our body. It’s not worth the hassle. Yes, I want to smell great, but not at the cost of my body going whacko!

Know your body and triggers

My best lesson that I've learned is to know your body and know your products. Know the ingredients and lastly know thyself and to thyself be true. This will save you the embarrassment, humiliation, suffering of what happens when we lack knowledge. It is so true that knowledge is power. It has proven true for me more than once.

Psoriasis is a disease that we must be good too. We have to treat our body. I never want to go through a sudden allergic reaction to an ingredient that I haven’t researched. If asked have I learned my lesson, I will say yes, and no more just putting anything on my skin.

My story is to tell the community that everything that smells good isn't always good for you. This is my greatest lesson that I want you to know.

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