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Raise Them Right & Raise Psoriasis Awareness

I would like to start this right, parenting is a sensitive topic. A topic than quickly can have the calmest of people getting their backs up. This is all for good reason. We all do what we believe is best for our kids.

I am the first to agree with this. I am a feisty mom, a woman who has fought tooth and nail to get to where she is.  Even so, I am always keen to hear other people's reasoning or ways of doing things.

Raising psoriasis awarness while raising children

Done right, we can share insight and experience and build each other up as parents. We can work together to help each other raise better children. Sometimes we need to hear things from a different perspective for it to make sense in our eyes.

That is all this is, a different perspective on something that is so important to me, as a mom, a parent, and just as a human.

Explaining differences among people to children

We are all so different and in our uniqueness, we are bound. There are people who are tall and short with different skin tones. Our hair is different, in color, texture, and style, how we chose to wear it, and what we chose to accessorize with.

Some of us are tall and some of us are short, some plumper than others not so much. We come from different ethnic backgrounds. Our skins have different colors, some of us have freckles and some don’t. I am working really hard to teach my daughter that we all look different and that is no reason to treat people like they do not belong.

Often raising the question: “How would you feel if they did the same to you?” This will always make her stop and think about what is going on and make her reassess the situation. She is still small and has much to learn, maybe if we start young and teach them kindness above all else, our world will become a kinder place.

Teaching children about psoriasis

My daughter is going through a state at school where her friends are aware of my skin. It is not easy and some of them have been pretty mean about it. I so strongly feel that my psoriasis and everything that comes with it is my burden to carry and not hers.

She should by no means have to handle the kickback from my conditions. Feeling a little unsure about how to handle this, I often want to tell her to retaliate, but I know that this will make it worse. We are working on finding ways around this and getting her to also remind her friends that it is not nice to be mean to someone.

Asking them how they would feel if it was them or their mom often moves them to silence. Maybe if we teach our kids to handle these situations and people better we can start to be the change.

Be the change and be kind to others

Okay, so how are we doing this? I am attempting to be the change that we want to see in the world. If I am doing it right or not, who knows, but it is worth a shot, right? 

I encourage my daughter to ask questions about differences without being rude. We practice compassion and we often play the game: "how would you feel if that was being said to you?”

It is important for me to have friends that remember to include you, even if you are a little different. I would like her to be the person who does this. In retrospect, if she is the one that is different, it would be great if she had a friend to be with her.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." – John Watson

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