What’s Wrong With Your Scalp?

“What’s wrong with your scalp?” I was asked this question during a hair appointment at a beauty parlor last year. I have scalp psoriasis, which causes my scalp to be extremely flaky, itchy and dry.

How to talk about scalp psoriasis at the hair salon

I felt so many different emotions when I was asked about my scalp. I felt more embarrassed than anything else. Going to the salon is one of the many difficult aspects of having scalp psoriasis.

The questions and stares from other people are unimaginably annoying. However, what I have learned is communication is the key to a successful experience with your hairstylist at the salon.

Be upfront

During the consultation with your hairstylist, tell them about your psoriasis. Let your stylist know the condition of your scalp and if you are experiencing a flare. Also, let them know if you prefer certain products that work better for your psoriasis.

There are certain products with harsh chemicals that will irritate your scalp even more. For example, I steer away from alcohol-based products like gel and holding spray that tend to dry the hair and scalp even drier.

Also, perms and dyes can be too harsh to use during a flare. Communication is the key and it will definitely help you feel more comfortable with your stylist on the day of your appointment.

Ask questions

Your consolation with your hairstylist is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you can. Find out what products the salon uses and even ask your stylist for suggestions. Psoriasis flare-ups on the scalp can be really frustrating but the products you use can make all the difference.

Tea tree Oil, Coconut oil, and Castor Oil are just a few great essential products for scalp psoriasis. The idea is to keep your scalp as moisturized and hydrated as possible without using harsh chemicals that will dry your hair.

I have also found that apple cider vinegar, either in its natural form or mixed in my favorite shampoo or conditioner helps to soften the scales and even helps with the itching. Also, sulfate-free shampoos and tar shampoos work great as well.

Talk to your doctor

These are all great products that you can bring with you to your next hair appointment or even try them at home. It can be frustrating, but be patient and understand the results are not always immediate whichever regime you chose for your scalp psoriasis always is consistent in order to see results.

There are medicated shampoos available on the market for scalp psoriasis with a prescription from your doctor. On your next visit to the dermatologist, talk with them about the condition of your psoriasis. They will be able to explain all of your treatment options.

Don't let your flare hold you back!

Your hair appointments should be relaxing and rejuvenating. Don’t allow your flare-up to hold you back. Take time and talk with your stylist.

Be patient during a flare and remember not to stress. With the proper time and care, the severity of scalp psoriasis can be alleviated.

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