A figure whose hand has evolved into the bucket of a backhoe, and is about to dig into the patch of plaques on their leg

Scratching And Peeling Plaques – When I Just Can’t Help It!

Am I alone in this? Who likes picking at their psoriasis? Psoriasis has been a part of my whole life. I remember so many times trying to see how big of a flake I could peel off. Please, don't do this.

The greatest defining feature of anyone with plaque psoriasis is silvery, sometimes inflamed, scales that appear virtually anywhere on a person’s skin. I feel how rough the patches are on my back, legs, arms, elbows, and on my forehead. These areas are not all that they cover; they are everywhere.

When I touch them, I always feel the urge to peel because this is not how I remember my skin to be. We will never get used to them being on our bodies. Even though many of us have had this disease for many years.

Wanting skin to feel smooth again

My plaques aren’t itchy, but the scales distract me and in a desperate attempt to feel smooth skin again. Digging my nails into my skin and lifting the dried, rough skin off is soothing. I know that peeling makes my plaques grow bigger and it’s something I advise my readers and support group against. Yet, I just can’t help it.

Of, course, I make nice little piles. It makes me feel terrible after that. Especially when all it takes is a day or less for the dead skin to show itself once more. So, I’ve slowly begun to realize that the problem is being able to feel the plaques. I must help myself to avoid feeling them.

Turning to nature to help with plaques

I have used many oils over the years. My favorite two that I’ve experimented with before are cold-pressed raw virgin coconut oil and 100% pure olive oil. Considering that they’re both oils based, a little goes a long way. You just need a few drops of oil for each area.

Each of our skin types are different so please feel free to make adjustments for your comfort. Both the coconut and olive oils work similarly to soften the stiff and sometimes crusty plaques on my body. One thing I noticed was that my skin seems to absorb coconut oil better than olive oil. I’m not sure why on this one.

Either way, apart from being one of the most moisturizing solutions I have come across, I liked them both. They’re vegan and some, if not most brands, are also animal cruelty-free.

It feels good to touch soft and smooth skin. Whenever my hands absent mindlessly wander behind my ears or to my forehead has helped tremendously with my mental health. This has allowed me to cope better on those tough days. All I need to do is remember to apply it in the morning and in the evening so that its effect lasts for the entire day.

Picking at my skin is a coping mechanism

Addictions are closely associated with some form of enjoyment. This is especially true when I’m having a flare. It feels rewarding to peel my psoriasis plaques; gives me a kind of satisfaction.

We all know it's merely a coping mechanism that we are struggling with. I don't think it’s healthy for me to force myself to get used to the way my psoriasis is always changing.

What I can do for now is to continue applying my oils and keep a lookout for treatment solutions that can help my skin feel even better.

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