Not Everyone in Pain Complains

There are people in this world, who process pain by talking about it. To some of us, it might mean they complain their way through the day. While it might seem annoying there is something strangely therapeutic about giving a big sigh and saying; argh my skin is on fire, or it hurts. Being a firm believer of doing whatever works, I am non-judgmental on this. If it makes you feel better...whine away.

Silently coping with psoriatic pain

Me, myself, I am not glued together like this. My head works differently. I keep quiet about most of it. Most of the time I grumble when I move or something hurts without realizing it. In general, though I like to keep the complaints in a box in my mind.

People assume that everyone complains when they are in pain, itchy, annoyed or whatever your current gripe is. There are some of us though, who don’t do this. We all have our reasons and as a result, people around us do not know what space we are in and how we are feeling every moment of the day. I am not sure why I stopped. It is a distinct possibility though that I got tired of the sound of my voice moaning about something I cannot change. Yes yes, that could be it. Now don’t get upset this is in no reference to you, only to myself. I have a five-year-old child, so I hear my own voice repeating things often as it is. I am thinking this that this was enough to make me "ssssshhh" myself a bit.

Making it through the daily grind

I blessed enough to be able to still go about my daily grind and get done what needs to be done. I am a single mom and work two jobs, one is at an office and one is from the comfort of my home. While some days are harder than others, I am able to get up every day and go drop my girl at school and go to my job and do what I need to do.

Being well aware that there are some of you who are not able to do this, my heart bleeds for you. Seemingly people see you going about your every day and they think you must be okay, as you would be in bed if you were not. Some of us do not have the option of staying at home even when we are at our worst. We put our party face on and go to work and make lunches and do what we need to so in silence.

My silence doesn't mean I am okay

To those who are out there, who know that we suffer from a chronic pain disease, this part is for you. Please do not assume that I am okay, just because I am quiet and going about my daily grind. This does not mean that I expect you to check on me every five minutes if I am really struggling you will know. You will be able to see, so what I do ask, on the days that you notice I am grumbling more than usual or moving with difficulty, give me some space and help me do some things. Not because you have to, but purely because if you hold the power to make someone’s day easier, use it.

You do not need to shower us in special favor and sympathy, this is not what we are aiming for. I guess what I am asking is be a bit more patient and do not assume I am okay if you can see that I am not. Let us be in our silence, for some of us this is where we find our comfort from the pain.

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