Living With Psoriasis: Social Distancing Professionals

With this current situation, we all find ourselves unclear about the future. I was thinking about the negative impact this virus could have on so many of my friends that have an immune-suppressed system. Living with psoriasis definitely puts us in that category.

Connecting social distancing to psoriasis

As this pandemic sweeps across every state, the dangers to our psoriasis community are very real. I am not saying that it is not dangerous for others at all, I know it is. It is definitely a trying time for everyone. My state of Louisiana has been one of the hardest hit by the virus.

How could it not concern me as it should with anyone living with psoriasis? While I was pondering this, a strange thought came to me. We keep being reminded and driven the point of social distancing. When living with psoriasis, we already are experts in the practice.

The impact of a psoriasis diagnosis

I can remember when I was first diagnosed thirteen years ago. I didn't want to let anyone see my skin because I felt so ashamed. It was only when I had to work that I chose to leave my house.

No doubt everyone was staring at me. Talking about me behind my back. As the years went on nothing seemed to get my psoriasis under control. It just kept spreading and getting worse. I did not dare have an up-close meeting with anyone.

Being home seems to be the only time when I didn't feel like I was a walking, talking disease. Who would have known then that it would prepare me for the future in what is to be our new normal these days?

Adapting to social distancing

As I stated before Louisiana is one of the hardest hit by this virus. The stay at home has helped ease my fears because it means I am at home, where I know I'm safe.

I am lucky in that I have a very healthy husband. He has been doing the errands when we need anything. Using the computer is something I do a lot of. Most if not all my family have social media accounts of some form or another so it is easy to keep a check on them.

I have been at home all week doing my part to social distance. Knowing I'm at risk helps make staying at home easier. Don't get me wrong I have been out in my yard working on my flower beds, which truly needed some attention.

Are you finding it easy to use social distancing?

A week into staying at home, I can honestly say it has not been hard for me to be home every day. I got used to doing social distancing before I even knew that term existed. Never was I one to have a lot of people over at my house at any given time.

How about you? Had you ever heard of social distancing? Have you found it easy to be at home or do you feel just the opposite? Are you finding it easy to use social distancing? Do you feel like I do in that having psoriasis already made you a pro at social distancing?

Social distance resources

It would be wrong of me to just end this piece with that last question. However, I am looking forward to reading your responses to it.

If you are having a tough time please know that there are resources available. The Patient Navigation Center of the National Psoriasis Foundation is still open. This great website here at is here with available resources. Our moderators do a fantastic job of reaching out.

I know it is a statement that is being said a lot but, we will get through this. We are stronger when we all pull together. Please leave a comment on how you are social distancing or anything that helps you to get through each day. I have no doubt you are a pro at it just like me.

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