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Summer Psoriasis Outlook

Summer is here and the livin’ is easy…well maybe not that easy when you have to manage psoriasis! If you or a loved one struggle with psoriasis then you are all too familiar with the fact that the summer heat, sweat, and the exposure to triggers can cause a psoriasis flare-up!

Like the weather, which can be unpredictable and have periods of good weather and bad weather, psoriasis can sometimes flare for no particular reason for flaring. Psoriasis also has cycles of flares when symptoms get much worse, and periods of remission when symptoms are better or there is total skin clearance.

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot!

For many with psoriasis, summer means a reprieve from the dry and cold winter weather which can trigger psoriasis. However, there are some people who find that heat actually worsens symptoms such as itching and redness.


To wear or not to wear…a bathing suit?!

For some with psoriasis showing their skin is uncomfortable and they don’t want to deal with stares and questions that people might have. For others showing their skin is an important way to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with psoriasis.


A love/hate relationship with the sun

During the summer months when the days are longer, there are more opportunities to get out in the natural sunlight. The exposure to natural sunlight might not help everyone, but for those people whose psoriasis responds well to sunlight this can be a period of time when they experience fewer flares.


Summer symptoms

Psoriasis can cause a multide of symptoms both on the skin and on other areas of the body. It can be helpful to identify if there are any particular weather-related psoriasis triggers that cause specific symptoms, but that may not always be so easy to do.