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A Quick Guide For Getting The Most Out Of Your Summer With Psoriasis

Summer is finally upon us. We hope that poetically, the longer hours of sunshine will lift our spirits. For the psoriasis community, most of us also welcome the warm and balmy weather. It's so soothing for our skin.

The humidity brings more moisture. The skin is not as dry and therefore not as itchy. In other words, some of us may experience a remission in our condition. There are so many ways to get the most out of this summer and I’m hoping this quick guide will help prepare you.

Increasing Vitamin D with time in the sun

Everything should be had in moderation. Ultraviolet rays are good for us because our bodies will convert them into Vitamin D. Activating its relieving effects on our skin feels good. Yet, our exposure should be measured to avoid heat exhaustion.

For some of us, our medication can cause us to feel the effects of the heat more quickly. A good starting point is between 5 to 10 minutes, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

If your skin doesn’t react adversely after a few sessions like this, you may gradually increase your time. Don't forget the sunscreen. This protects us from getting sunburn and cuts your odds of getting skin cancer in half.

Rinsing off in the summer and reducing skin irritation

There’s nothing wrong with taking a dip in the pool or going for a relaxing swim. Once you’re done, don’t forget to rinse your entire body thoroughly to wash off the chlorine. This can dry and irritate your skin.

This is especially important if you don’t intend to take a shower immediately. If the beach is accessible from your home, consider enjoying a splash in the waves instead.

Natural seawater has soothing and calming properties for our lesions. It helps to reduce the appearance of our psoriatic skin and even removing the dead skin cells.

Dressing for comfort in the summer

We can finally chuck our scratchy wool apparel to one side and pull out our favorite cotton dresses, blouses and bottoms.

This summer, refresh your style with loose-fitting pieces that allow your skin to breathe better. Cotton is one of course, if not the best option for lightweight fabrics. Don't forget to switch out your boots for sandals or flip-flops (or even a pair of sneakers if that’s your preference) too.

The key here is to dress comfortably. For added protection from the sun, perhaps carry a hat or a cap with you so that your face and eyes are shielded whenever they need to be. Don’t forget the sunglasses for cuteness.

Pace yourself and enjoy the summer months

Summer doesn’t just last one day. You have twelve weeks to soak in the warmth and even if you cannot or are not ready to sunbathe a few times a week; remember that a stroll down your block or around your neighborhood is also a very good alternative.

Be mindful of your body’s needs and try to recognize that there’s no hurry to bare your skin or to be outdoors as much as your friends and families are. We’re on a life-long commitment to loving ourselves, one day at a time.

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