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Psoriasis Support: Never Give Up

Being a mentor with the National Psoriasis Foundation is one of the best things I have ever been involved in. I have the opportunity to mentor people who are newly diagnosed with psoriasis.

Before I really get into why I am writing this article, let me just put this out there. If you are interested in joining all you have to do is go to the National Psoriasis Foundation website.

Finding psoriasis support

I am always looking to help people especially when it comes to having psoriasis. When I was first diagnosed with psoriasis, I did not have anyone that I could turn to. I never want anyone to feel as lonely as I felt dealing with a disease I knew nothing of.

It is that situation that pushes me to want to help. However, as I was just recently reminded, I cannot help everyone all the time. That is the very situation I found myself in on a social platform that deals with psoriasis.

It all started with a new lady being invited into the group. Without mentioning names, this lady does have a very severe case of psoriasis. To that end, I do feel really bad for her. At my worst, I was eighty (80) percent covered. I was shocked when this lady posted that she wanted to give up.

The emotional toll of psoriasis

I am no stranger to the mental toll that psoriasis can take on a person. It can be very hard emotionally to see psoriasis take over your body and your life. After all, I am the very one who had told my husband I would give him a divorce simply because I did not know where this psoriasis journey would take me.

It was a very bad time in my life. I get the mental anguish of it. Getting back to this woman's trouble, of course, each of us in the group had seen her post. We wanted to let her know that when it comes to dealing with psoriasis she is never alone. That is the problem most of us have right? Not having the support we need.

Every journey is different

I wish I could say we made a huge impact on this woman's life. She is not on any medication and is convinced she's exhausted all of her options. She truly believes that nothing else will work for her. Her treatment journey took her through many failed topicals and four biologics. Now her opinion is that nothing will work.

Even though we tried explaining there are far more biologics and treatments she could try, she had convinced herself that because of her troubling journey, nothing else would work. She even got to the point of not responding anymore. I tell you this story because it is so heartbreaking. I want to provide the reassurance and clarity that psoriasis research and progress have given us many available treatment options. Keep trying.

Never give up

What works for one patient won't always work for another. It's important to not only respect treatment choices but have the will to try each one until you run out of options. Please, never give up.

There are new treatments coming out all the time. Psoriasis is not just skin deep. Giving up is not an option. Fight. Fight. Fight. Ask for help if you need support.

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