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What's That Smell?

This is one of those things that people don’t always want to talk about. Of all the things a person gets with psoriasis, why are smelly feet one of them? There are few things in the world that make social life of any kind as challenging as smelly feet. Completely uncalled for if you ask me.

Athlete’s foot or Psoriasis

First off, please make sure that you have your diagnoses right. Get it checked out by your doctor, describe everything carefully. It can often happen that Athlete's foot may look like psoriasis or the other way around. Treating it incorrectly due to the wrong diagnoses can cause you more hassle and frustration than is necessary. You want to treat it as quickly and effectively as possible. Do the right thing and be sure what you are dealing with. I do think that when you suffer from psoriasis that a person tends to be more prone to any fungal infection. This is not fact, just my experience and thoughts.

What's that smell?

On any given good day, feet can stink, winter or summer, rain or shine. If you give your feet half a reason to create toxic smells, they will. No-one wants this, it is unpleasant and can be quite embarrassing at work, or between people. What can we do to eliminate or reduce the smells?  I have been looking into this and way to help reduce the smell and just help your feet feel better.

Soak your worries away

I find in general that soaking my feet is like eating avocado, it is good for everything! With psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis, I tend to soak my feet as I can and need to. Furthermore, I find it helps with the general pain levels. There are so many wonderful ideas to share, I could not possibly share them all. I will share my favorites with you. Epsom salts, this helps lift dead skin off. Apple cider vinegar, this helps me fight any fungal infection that might be starting. Bicarbonate soda helps lift dead skin cells and leaves feet feeling fabulous.

Shake n' smell

My mom introduced me to this one, and it is great for smelly feet of any description and I find it to be a non-irritant to my skin. An all-natural, cinnamon and clove foot powder. Mix and shake it into your shoes before and after wear. If you go for pedicures, you will soon enough be asked why your feet smell like cookies. Second to that in my world, is the normal foot powders that you will find in the chemist/health shops.

Keep them dry

Makes sure after baths and showers that your feet and toes are dried properly. There is nothing worse for smelly feet than the damp space between your toes. Not even to mention that it becomes a breeding ground for fungus. Isn’t the human body delightful? Good socks are also key, breathable, 100% cotton or bamboo socks are lovely for this. Change them every day, twice a day if you must.

Our feet are, in my opinion, one of our greatest assets, look after them, and treat them kindly. Every day when you get out of bed and your feet touch the ground. Be Thankful that they can.

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