Stress Boat

Stress, the infamous word associated with just about everything that could go wrong with your health. I am almost one hundred percent sure that somewhere along the line in the recent past you have heard that you should avoid stress, to assist in your healing. Seriously though let’s just be straight about this. Would we not all just avoid stress if it was that simple?  I know there are a special few people who seem to thrive under stress and pressure. If you are someone who suffers from psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, you are not one of those people. Even if you used to be, that may well be something of the past.

Fight or flight

So what is it about stress that makes our bodies lose the plot completely?  It is my understanding that it initiates the fight or flight response in your body when it is not required. So basically my brain tells me that it means that it feels in your body like a bear is chasing you through the woods and a rapid speed and you are fighting for your life. Not the ideal situation, that is for sure, certainly not for me. It makes our bodies think that all sorts of terrible things are going to go wrong and they probably are not going to. Which is confusing for our nervous system and as we know the nervous system controls our body. Best to have that thinking straight.

How to avoid it

So in our modern world, how do we avoid stress, it seems to be a part of our everyday life, work home, and personal lives. I have been working on this in my head for a while. Trying to figure out what causes the level of stress in my life that may or may not be adding to the dramatics in my life.

Seeing things for what they really are

I think single handed the most important thing that I have learned it this - assess the situation, and if you think it is going to stress you out, walk away. While it is not always possible to walk away, I did notice that I would often be able to walk away as long as I was willing to accept that it is what was needed for me to be okay. We truly can convince ourselves of just about any reason why we have to stick around in a situation that is not good for us.  We do need to be able to do the same for reasons to leave a situation if it is not good for us. These situations could be anything from a lunch date, to a friendship or relationship of some description.

Time out

Learn to take time out for yourself, to do the things that you enjoy doing. Time to put your feet up and read a book or have lunch with a close friend. Catch up with the people who make you feel loved and that you leave feeling rested and not stressed out or anxious. Go for a walk, listen to some music and unwind. We will often convince ourselves that we do not have time to do these things. This is just stress confusing your brain, do not allow it to control you.

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