Psoriasis & Ulcerative Colitis

Living with psoriasis for seventeen years, I know that there are additional medical conditions that psoriasis can create. These conditions are called comorbidities.

Living with comorbidities of psoriasis

Up until this past week, I've only had minor comorbidities that I have had to live with: High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and anxiety. High blood pressure is considered covered in a group called metabolic syndrome that psoriasis can create. My anxiety is also listed as a comorbidity because people with psoriasis can also live with depression or anxiety.

However, this past week a new diagnosis of yet another comorbidity really scared me. It implied an even bigger change in my life.

The initial symptoms

For quite some time now I have been feeling continuous pain in my stomach. The first time I went to the doctor, I was diagnosed with a condition called H. Pylori. This was not an uncommon diagnosis and could be treated with a one time treatment.

Fast forward a month later and I started to feel a lot worse. As it turned out, I already had an appointment to see my doctor. At that time, all I could muster and tell the doctor was that I just did not feel well. With a cheek swab and a negative flu diagnosis, he listed my complaint as body aches.

A diagnosis of ulcerative colitis

We all know how frustrating it can be when a doctor looks at you because they cannot explain or accurately diagnosis your complaint. I am sure most of you can relate to that. We deal with this type of situation at almost every appointment.

Let's fast forward a week and there is the pain in my stomach again. However, this time the pain was located on my right side down low. My first thought: appendicitis. At least that can be cured with an operation. The final diagnosis: ulcerative colitis (UC).

After looking up information between doctor visits, all the boxes were checked as to UC symptoms. I will not go into the list as it is not a pleasant one. Please look it up if you feel like it could describe you.

Connecting the dots of ulcerative colitis

I am now waiting to have a colonoscopy. This will determine how bad the colitis is and see if there is anything else that might go undiagnosed. I do not mind telling you that I am a bit scared. It turns out that when I was telling my mother about the diagnosis she informed me that one family member actually had UC.

She also informed me that another family member had pancreatic cancer. I did tell her that if she was trying to help me those two statements were not doing it. We both had a good laugh out of her trying to help. This colonoscopy will tell us all the right answers.

Psoriasis and ulcerative colitis

Psoriasis: the gift that keeps on giving. Comorbidities should continue to be a real concern with psoriasis. The worse you have psoriasis, the higher risk of comorbidities. With that being said if you feel something is wrong, keep pressing your doctor about it. It also needs to be said that if you do not know the comorbidities of psoriasis, look them up.

I will be doing research on ulcerative colitis so that I will know in detail what can happen. I will also be looking into treatments so that I can have that important talk with my doctor. Like psoriasis, ulcerative colitis is not curable. More life changes on the way for me. I'm ready to fight UC just as I am fighting psoriasis.

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