NPF Virtual Conference to Foster Community & Connect Psoriatic Patients

Connecting to other patients who understand what you are going through seems more important than ever in these times of social distancing. Sometimes, it feels that is all we have to keep us moving forward when dealing with frustrating symptoms, emotions, and struggles. This is especially true in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis communities.

The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) recognizes this need for patients to connect, network, and receive the latest research and treatment news. In years past, the foundation held in-person conferences in three geographic locations across the United States. Unfortunately, that cannot happen in 2020. Thankfully, technology allows the conference to move forward.

Virtual conference

On October 10, 2020, NPF will hold a free virtual conference to bring together doctors, researchers, patients, and staff in a day to educate and unite the psoriatic disease community. And the agenda is packed!

Psoriatic disease 101

Speakers Matt Kiselica, member of the NPF Board of Directors and longtime volunteer; Randy Beranek, NPF CEO; and Chip Newton, NFP board chairman, will welcome participants and get the conference started.

Be in the know about your psoriatic disease. Hear from Dr. Erik Gilbertson, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCSD, and Dr. Evan Siegel, a rheumatologist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at Georgetown University.


Jackie Domire, NPF’s associate director of research and medical affairs, will provide an update on the latest psoriasis research. NPF has invested more than $24 million in grants and fellowships to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for psoriatic disease.

Patient story

Psoriasis and cancer patient Josh Stelter cycled across Iowa to raise awareness and funds for psoriasis research. Hear why he says psoriasis saved his life and listen to him recount this cycling adventure.

Getting healthy

Take a tai chi break with Portland, Oregon instructor Susan Bach. According to NPF, exercise, such as tai chi, may help psoriatic arthritis patients keep joints and tendons loose. It may also help reduce inflammation and pain.

Get cooking with Brenda Kong, NPF volunteer, patient advocate, and blogger. What’s on the menu? Miso tuna salad! Yummmm! Participants who register for the virtual conference will be sent a list of ingredients so they can cook alongside Brenda in their own kitchen.

NPF Events

Kris Bockmier, director of field operations for NPF, will show you how to get involved, attend special events in your area (including ones that are virtual), and meet others living with psoriatic disease.

Social hour

The Virtual Conference has time built in to meet other patients. Whether you’re recently diagnosed, been living with psoriasis for many years, the mom or dad of a child with psoriasis… here’s your chance to make lasting connections with others. Grab your beverage of choice and meet others living with psoriatic disease.

Registration information

Interested in attending this Virtual Conference? Register for this free event online. If you can’t attend the conference live, you can catch the highlights on-demand after the event.

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