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Psoriasis Awareness Month 2016.

Psoriasis Awareness Month 2016

Did you know that August is Psoriasis Awareness Month? To help raise awareness, we’ve got a few ways for you to help spread the word and educate others!

Change Your Avatar!

One of the easiest ways to spread awareness is to change your avatar (profile image)! You can download any of the images below to use as your own. To download it to your computer, simply right-click on the image you want to use and choose the option to “Save Image As” – and it’s yours! To change your profile picture, log in, and at the top of the page click the circle image and choose profile. Then choose the change profile photo.

Join the Discussion

Are you looking to connect with others who truly know what it’s like to deal with psoriasis? Check out our community forum boards and tell us: How do you make those around you “aware” of the impact psoriasis has on your body, mental health, and/or daily living?