Recognizing World Psoriasis Day

Last updated: June 2018

World Psoriasis Day is an annual day of recognition (October 29th) founded by the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) in order to raise awareness of the global impact of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) for people living with these conditions. This years’ theme is “Breaking barriers for people with psoriasis.”  The team at applauds our community for breaking barriers every day—barriers to awareness of their own health issues, barriers of overcoming stigma and access to treatment options, and barriers to their voices raised in advocacy.

Why it matters

One of the IFPA goals of World Psoriasis Day is to encourage healthcare decision makers to give people with psoriasis better access to the most appropriate therapies for their condition. Undoubtedly, this is more challenging in some parts of the world than in the US, but plenty of people here also report challenges to their access to treatment.  For instance, many insurance plans require pre-authorization and use a step-therapy process for certain psoriasis treatment options.

As you know, plenty of people with psoriasis and PsA fail to have significant results from initial therapies and often require the use of multiple medications or combination therapy.  This type of “advanced” treatment obviously requires a healthcare team with a high level of knowledge of current research and experience, something that is also lacking in many parts of the country.

Raise your voices!

Another important goal of World Psoriasis Day is to “provide a patient voice platform.”  This is exactly what and our newly launched sister site are designed to do.  We encourage the community to share your story, ask questions, and share a full range of experience here and through social media.

Our team of community advocates offers their inspirational voices and actions to help the online community affected by psoriasis, whether it is on this site, our Facebook page, or through their work with other community groups. And each of you is a psoriasis superhero!

We hope that following this year’s World Psoriasis Day, even more people will join in raising their voices!

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