Psoriasis Awareness Month: It’s All Connected

August is finally here! We're excited because that means it's Psoriasis Awareness Month!

Based on our interactions with the community, we are going to take this month to focus on the reality that psoriasis is a condition that does more than just affect the skin. When it comes to psoriasis: It's all connected.

We'd like to start by sharing a quote from an article written by one of our wonderful advocates, Chris:

"Those that haven’t been diagnosed with the disease may not realize that there is more to psoriasis than just an annoying rash on the skin. This disease impacts your internal systems; the inflammation is inside your body just as much as outside."

Join us this month in spreading awareness for Psoriasis! To start, here are some easy ways to spread the word!

Change your profile picture and cover image!

One of the easiest ways to spread awareness is to update your profile picture and cover image on social media!

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Share with family and friends

Although it may be uncomfortable, it's important those around us understand psoriasis can be more than just a skin condition. In the spirit of spreading awareness, we encourage you to share these articles with those around you to give them a real-life look into the daily experience of someone living with psoriasis:

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