Psoriasis and Bullying

It's shocking what some people will say about our skin. "Is it contagious?" "Ewww disgusting." Make no mistake about it, Psoriasis Bullying is a real thing. Unfortunately, it doesn't just come from mean or ignorant strangers. Thoughtless comments from family members can be especially hurtful - particularly when directed towards children and teens with psoriasis.

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Have you experienced bullying as a result of having psoriasis?

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The stares, the rude remarks....How do you deal with bullies?

I'm so tired of the staring...

How do you get people to stop staring? Or, what's a good response and way to deal?
by Rebecca

Memories from the past

Do you recall a time when you were younger and bullied about your skin? Or, have you experienced any type of bullying in recent past?

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