The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Spotlight: Pets and Health

This month we're chatting about the positive benefits of pet ownership on health and asking the community to talk about their own pets. For those who aren't pet owners, we'll have info on what you should consider when getting a pet and on the benefits of animal therapy.

How Pets Impact Our Health

Did you know that pets can have a positive impact on your health? According to the Center for Disease Control, pets can lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. In addition, pets provide opportunities to get exercise - and to socialize with other pet owners while out for a walk! Best of all, being a pet parent can even improve your mood.

Here's some more great info on how pets can benefit your health:
Can Pets Really Improve Your Psoriasis?

Here's a few different ways you can participate in this month's Spotlight:


Does your pet comfort you when you are not feeling well?

Pets and health

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Do you have a pet or have you benefited from pet therapy?
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Pets and health
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How does your pet help you cope when you're having a "ruff" day?
Pets and Health
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