A Strange Cure?

You’re going to think I’m crazy but I have seen this work first hand. In 2001 I moved in with a man who had plaque psoriasis on both arms. His condition was always red and flaky when he scratched it. He didn’t believe in doctors so he had never tried any prescription medicine but he had tried anti-itch meds otc. When I moved in with him I brought with me a dog who liked to lick skin. She licked my legs when I came out of the shower, she licked my hands, she licked any body part she could get close to. The man I moved in with, Carl, enjoyed her licking. It was soothing. She started licking his psoriasis. She licked it every day. After approx 1 yr the psoriasis was cleared up. I know it all sounds fantastical but that’s what happened. Since then I have wondered if there could be something in a dog’s saliva that could be a cure for psoriasis. I have no idea who to contact with this idea and maybe it was just a fluke but I do think it’s worth checking into.

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