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One day after lunch I felt an itch on my leg. I thought may be dashed. It started to spread then I saw a doc who said it was psoriasis and gave me a cream. This was the start and now suffering. Nothing works.

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  • RichardF moderator
    2 years ago

    Sorry to hear about the diagnosis Irfan, but glad you have come to a place that can offer information and support. You will want to work with your doctor to examine treatment options and a plan for moving forward. This article from one of our contributors examines this in more detail:

    They say knowledge is power and there certainly is some truth to that in dealing with a condition like psoriasis. This article from our editorial team looks at the different types of medications, with links to more specifics:

    In addition, you may want to check out our Facebook page to interact and share information with those in similar situations: Wishing you the best and keep us posted on how you are doing. Richard ( Team)

  • CathyD moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Irfan,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I’m so sorry that you are suffering. Please know that we are here for you and that you aren’t alone in this. Have you been working with a dermatologist?

    – CathyD

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