How I found out I had psoriasis

hello everybody, thank you for taking the time to read my story. So, at first, I didn’t even know, never had a flare up. Then I did out of nowhere, just turned 16, couple days after my birthday I noticed my legs had these large red patches. I was super confused, so, made an appointment. This woman told me… I had scabies… yes, you read right. SCABIES. Then proceeded to put me on medication for scabies, it was horrible no improvement what so ever. Then, finally, she sent me to the dermatologist, which was confirmed I had psoriasis. Then proceeded to light therapy, 3 times a week for a year. Still no improvement, I was reaching the end here, wanted to give up. Which made me take things into my own hands. Started doing research, experimenting with a bunch of topicals because I am against prescription pills. Nothing worked, then came along Derma-rest from Walgreens, heaven sent I tell you. Legs, arms, knees, everywhere cleared up. Just to find out I also had it on my genitals and my scalp and my underarm crease. It definitely didn’t work there and I couldn’t put it on my genital area so now I am back to square one with one itchy ass head. 🙁

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