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  • I don't know if this will be helpful, but here goes: I have been through prescription medicine & ointments from 2 dermatologists. On my own, I started using CBD oil on my plaque psoriasis about 1-1/2 years ago. I had very heavy plaque on my feet with deep fissures & my hands had numerous cuts, and my nails had pretty well died. As of today, most of my psoriasis has cleared up. I had to get a prescription for medical cannabis from my GP. Cost right now is $90 Canadian for a 40 ml bottle, although I just found another source at $120 for a 100 ml bottle, which I am going to try. The oil is easily spread and absorbed into the skin. I also find that this oil helps with healing ordinary sores. There are some pictures of my plaque psoriasis here: Good luck!

    Has anyone tried the Whole 30 program to manage symptoms/health?

    Do you have any daily routines and habits to manage your psoriasis? For example, do you have a particular washing routine? How did you get started and how do you keep up with it?

    Good morning. I was recently diagnosed with psoriasis. It has been getting worse since last November and is now pretty much all over my entire body. The itch is about to do me in. My dermatologist wants to put me on Skyrizi. I’m just waiting for all the insurance stuff you have to go through. Has anyone here been on Skyrizi and has it worked...any side effects. I pray something works for me because I feel like a freak when I go out. So happy to find this forum for others that are suffering from this horrible psoriasis.

    Does anyone else here deal with inverse psoriasis? If so, what do you find helpful? For me, diaper cream seems to really help, particularly with preventing the skin from rubbing on itself and getting irritated any further. I also try to keep the area as dry/not sweaty as possible. Sometimes I use a medicated talc in the summer. In the past I was prescribed a steroid cream which didn't seem to help much, but phototherapy (originally prescribed for a guttate flare) really did help a lot. I would love to hear if anyone has any tips or tricks for dealing with this!

    Anyone here on a biologic? If so, how is it working for you so far?

    Itching! It can be one of the more difficult to manage symptoms of psoriasis. What are your favorite products to help with itching?

    I started off 30 years ago with a diagnoses of Hashimoto and severe goiter. Fibromyalgia several years later. 18 years ago diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. Had thymectomy, some good years and many years of being in and out of hospital for crashing from MG. Not being able to even get up and go to the bathroom alone. Have had years of problems with pain and swollen joints enlarged joints. Have had so many blood tests to see about autoimmune arthritis..always negative. Now I have pitted ridged nails, thick discolored toe nails, terrible ringing in ears, sometimes unbearable pain. Was told from MRIs my back is a big mess and now have scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and compressed discs. No tests has proven psoriatic arthritis but I have all the symptoms. Fatigue is a big one since all of these illnesses cause that. In august 2017 i finished 2 years of IVIG treatments and it Seems like pain has gotten much worse since then. I have been on Imuran for 18 years along with prednisone, small to extreme doses for MG and too much ibuprofen and small doses of Percocet. ( too much bothers MG) I'm going back up on omega 3 pills and oils, vitamin d3, and researching other natural help. I get my strength from the Lord and try to always look at the blessings I do have. There are days I feel so frustrated and hopeless because of pain and fatigue..but I know MANY have it so much worse. I just want to help others find hope and joy. Our attitude makes a big difference in our lives. Our love and caring for each other will help us all to endure until we are cured!

    Everyone has their go-to products for moisturizing their psoriasis. What are your favorite products for keeping your skin hydrated?

    Hi, my friends, I have been suffering from psoriasis since 2001. When I was in college, I had a Chinese classmate. His father is an expert in the treatment of psoriasis. His father helped me. It has been eight years now, and psoriasis has not happened again. I cleaned up the house some time ago and stumbled upon the medicine I used before. I remember this. The things he talked about were very different from our doctors. Treatment will make you feel very strange, but my illness has been cured. They emphasize meridian treatment. They think that the root cause of psoriasis is that the meridians of the kidneys and liver are not smooth, and the yin and yang in the body are out of balance. Because they have their logic, these seem to be completely different from what our doctors say, but they can help us. I suggest that you can try to use his method. This is a tea bag made from herbs. I drink a bag every day. Then I felt a fever in my stomach. The stool is black. A week later, I started to itching in psoriasis. He didn't allow me to scratch myself and give me some medicine. After soaking the drug in alcohol for one day, use it for the itchy area and it will not itch. After a month and a half, he started letting me bathe for more than an hour a day. After a month, all the dry skin fell, and he told me that the bacteria are very strong. He must start treatment from the root cause. He also asked me to use my fingers to lick my acupuncture points and said that I could achieve the same effect as acupuncture. I can do it myself 15 minutes a day. I will do this occasionally, because this method can not only treat psoriasis, but also help me improve my sleep. I can't describe these things in the scientific way we think, because it's different from our logic, but it can really cure psoriasis, hope that this information can help everyone.

    My scalp is my biggest issue. The itching and scratching was very embarrassing. I started using Head & Shoulders Clinical strength and a stiff scalp brush that eliminated most of the plaque. I then use Scalpicin which is a liquid Hydrocortizone and am able to go 2-3 days nearly symptom free. I notice that when I eat Cilantro that the symptoms subside as well. Thanks.

    The uncomfortable stares, the rude remark that people can make about your skin. How do you deal with bullies?

    I know it sounds gross.... but am I alone in picking off the plaque psoriasis. I'm always scratching and picking off the white patches... my family calls it Daddy Powder. I've never scarred from it. The skin below heals without any marks at all. Also, any vets have psoriasis covered on disability? I have 30% but think I should get 60% since I'm on Embrel. I'm not 40% of skin surface, but still have it everywhere. Head, elbows, knees, hands, groin, ass, calves and feet. Any tips to fighting the VA?

    When people ask about or make comments about your skin, how do you respond?

    What are your top 3 stressors during the holiday season? How do you manage them so they don't result in a psoriasis flare?

    Cleaning up unhealthy relationships and toxic friendships can go a long way towards reducing stress and reducing flares. Easier said than done – which is why we want to know: How do you “spring clean” your emotional space?

    To keep our community a safe and productive place, we have Community Rules (located here: to help guide our members in their posting. By the way, we have a pretty amazing group of experts and advocates ( working on the front lines (and behind the scenes) the to help members connect and get much deserved support. Feel free to reach out to any of them any time you have questions, suggestions or just want to say hi!

    I had been experiencing foot pain and plantar fasciitis. I was desperate to find a shoe that could get me through a day of walking without pain. Well I found it, the orthofeet not only gives me the foot support and pain relief I needed; they are also a good looking shoe that can be paired with many different outfits. The shoes took me about three weeks to wear in so that they were comfortable enough to wear on a 4-8 mile walk.

    Hi everyone, I just found this group and I have so many questions 😁 Does anyone else seem to have flares even though your diet hasn’t changed but your stress levels have? I stopped smoking over a year ago and my skin seemed to get worse.... REALLY worse. I’ve had it all my life (53 now) but went through the worst time in my life in 2014 and had a really BAD flare and then it got better and has gotten bad again recently. I lost my medical but never really saw a dr for this anyways just lived with it but pain lately is bad. I have family members who have it and they are on injections for it but I watched my dad take insulin shots every morning just to survive so I just felt I can’t do it for something like this.... May sound weird to some. Also has anyone been put on disability because of it ?

    Have any of you ever used a topical cream called Psoriasin? I started breaking out on my elbows and knees back in Janurary and just thought I had really dry skin. In 8 months my legs and feet have spotted out in tiny red circular blotches that grow larger with in weeks and get irchy and scaley. Right now I am starting to get tiny blotches on my arms and back and hands. We believe it to be plaque psoriasis and a friend who is a R.N. agreed when she saw my legs and arms. We are currently trying to get insurance through my job so I can get to a Doctor to get a proper regimen but I am misserable. T It itches so badly at times and I find I am scratching my legs and elbows in my sleep until I bleed. My mom found Psoriasin and I am curious how it has done for others bc right now any relief is a blessing.
Viewing 20 topics - 1 through 20 (of 44 total)