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Implications for Racial Disparities in Psoriasis Treatment

Despite being a common and disabling skin condition, psoriasis is under-treated in minority populations. The reason for this difference is not fully understood and is complex. However, it may be due to several factors, including health literacy and access to treatment.1

What is a racial disparity in healthcare?

Racial disparity is a term used to describe when a specific racial or ethnic group experiences a difference in healthcare quality. This can be due to a variety of factors, including:2

  • Access to care
  • Insurance status
  • Cultural beliefs and practices
  • The ability to read and understand health information
  • Social and economic status

Racial disparities in healthcare can lead to poorer health outcomes for minority groups. This is because they may not have access to the best possible treatments or may receive treatments that are not as effective. This can lead to increased rates of death and illness for minority groups.2

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Health literacy

When it comes to chronic conditions like psoriasis, knowledge is key. People need to understand their condition to make informed decisions about their treatment. It is also essential for doctors and healthcare experts to teach those with psoriasis.3

However, racial disparities exist in terms of health literacy. Studies have shown that Black people are less likely to understand their psoriasis, and they are less likely to receive information about it from their doctor.1

Studies have shown that Black people with psoriasis are less likely to know that biologic drugs are available to treat their condition. To make matters worse, separating fact from fiction is becoming more complex because of misleading ads and gimmicks online.1

Access to treatment

Black people are less likely to be prescribed biologics, the most effective drugs for treating psoriasis. They are also more likely to be prescribed topical treatments, which are not as effective. In one study, Black people with moderate to severe psoriasis were 70 percent less likely to receive biologic therapy than white people.1

One study looked at this difference in depth. Among those with psoriasis, Black people were found to have a more negative opinion of injected treatments like biologics. Some may look at this as a preference for certain treatments. However, preferences made with inaccurate or inadequate knowledge can be a source of disparity.1

How do racial disparities in healthcare impact us all?

Racial disparities in healthcare exist across the globe. They are a result of the inequality that exists in our healthcare system. These disparities hurt all of us because they lead to poorer health outcomes for minority groups and society as a whole.

We must address these disparities to improve the quality of healthcare for everyone.2

What can be done to address this racial disparity?

Several things can be done to reduce racial disparity. First, there needs to be increased awareness of the issue. Doctors and policy makers need to be aware of the inequities that exist in healthcare. Also, they need to take steps to address them.2

Second, we must ensure that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare. This implies providing everyone with affordable health coverage, as well as access to equal, quality care.2

Finally, we need to promote cultural competency in the healthcare system. Doctors need to be aware of the cultural beliefs and practices of the people they care for. Doctors also should provide care that is culturally appropriate.2

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