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By VickiN - November 17, 2017
If you have psoriasis, chances are you’ve been to see one (or several!) Dermatologists, medical professionals specializing in skin disorders. It occurred to me the other day that my Dermatologists over the... READ MORE

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2 Answers Submitted By Editorial Team - June 13, 2017

I just started dating someone and I have no idea how I’m going to explain it all….any tips?

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By tiffanyv1213 - August 25, 2017
Hello, fellow psoriasis brothers and sisters! My name is Tiffany and I am an NYC native currently living in Union City, NJ. I was first diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of... READ MORE

By theresakd - August 1, 2017
This is really not my story but my daughters…She has psoriasis on her scalp. I has formed a ring around the crown of her head we have tried many remedy’s none that... READ MORE

By judydon - April 16, 2017
I had a good childhood in Bridgeport Connecticut: an A student, piano lessons, dancing school, church Youth Group. It was the summer of 1966, before my junior year at UConn, that my... READ MORE

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