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My doctor prescribed an injection - I'm scared of needles. Any tips?

  1. I've never taken any injectable medications, but I hate needles, so I can imagine! It can sometimes help to have a partner administer the injection for you (I'm much better around needles if I don't have to look!). Alternatively, try to do some deep breathing and relaxation exercises to bring down your stress levels. If you really can't bring yourself to do it, have a chat with your doctor about systemic/oral medications that don't require a needle (or see if you can opt for a medication that is only administered once every few months).

    1. Ugh - I have an injectable medication (for my migraines) and I hate needles, too. A few things that have helped me: if it's intramuscular, rubbing an ice cube over the injection site can help reduce the sting. Make sure you BREATHE. Make sure you do your injection in ample lighting to help find a good site. I always have an alcohol prep pad and a band-aid ready to go for when I'm done. I also drink a glass of water afterwards to try to distract myself from the pain.

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