Jordan's Interactive Psoriasis Journey

Plaque Psoriasis is more than just a diagnosis, it is a journey. The process of diagnosing psoriasis involves ruling out other conditions with similar symptoms. This often means multiple doctor visits and examinations. Living with these symptoms can be uncomfortable and isolating. The inflamed patches of skin, known as plaques, are the most visible symptom. At their worst, plaques cause intense itching, burning, cracking and bleeding.

Meet Jordan,

who has been living with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis for over twenty years. With a loving family and a full-time job, psoriasis affects his daily life, along with the physical and mental challenges that come with it. You can learn more about how psoriasis impacts Jordan in each section below.

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Areas of Body Affected

Over time, Jordan’s entire body has become affected by psoriasis. He suffers from plaques on his scalp, elbows, legs, ears, fingernails, and hands. Similar to Jordan, it’s not uncommon for people with this condition to experience plaques and flaky skin in different areas of the body. Let’s explore what areas are most affected by psoriasis.

Impact on Jordan’s Life

Unfortunately because of his psoriasis, Jordan cannot do everything that he would like to do, whether it’s spending time with his children or being confident at work. Due to the unpredictable nature of psoriasis, it can be stressful managing symptoms. As well, balancing anxieties of finances and worrying about the effect your condition can take a toll on work and personal relationships.

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Jordan’s Flare Experience

Jordan experiences more than 10 flares a year, leaving him feeling that his psoriasis is unpredictable. Flare-ups often occur when certain triggers start the psoriasis cycle, causing physical pain and discomfort. During a flare, Jordan may feel self-conscious which inhibits him from going to work, spending time with his children or completing daily tasks.

How Much Do Flares Impact Your Daily Life?

Certain triggers can make psoriasis symptoms worse or cause flares. Psoriasis is often measured in three degrees: mild, moderate, and severe. During flares, symptoms may be more severe even in cases of mild psoriasis.





Jordan Has Been Living With Psoriasis for 20 Years

Jordan began showing symptoms in his teenage years but was not officially diagnosed until years later. He was formally diagnosed with psoriasis by his dermatologist.
Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with the condition for the majority of your life, psoriasis can often look like other skin diseases making a formal diagnosis difficult.





Jordan’s Treatments

Jordan has tried multiple treatment options with little success. For over 20 years, his treatments have included a variety of topicals and biologics. For many living with psoriasis, this frustrating trial and error process is not uncommon. Treatment plans are an ongoing process as a treatment’s effectiveness can change over time.