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My First Experience Injecting Myself With a Biologic for Psoriasis

Last updated: September 2019

I’ve always been nervous when it comes to needles. I’ve never liked the sharp scratch that occurs when the nurse pushes one into your skin. However, I was even more nervous when it came to the time when I had to do it on myself by myself.

Dealing with my fear of needles

I’ve had a biologic injection before but a nurse came to do that for me. However, after it stopped working I decided I wanted a newer treatment that my dermatologist told me would mean I would have to inject. Now at first, I was a little bit unsure. I was worried I wouldn’t do it right. The needle might not go in. I would get an infection. All sorts of different things.

Preparing to give myself the first home injection

But when the day came when I had to do it for the first time, I honestly kept telling myself "everything will be fine. A quick scratch and it will all be over." Before I did the injection I read the information sheet provided. The nurse also came around to my house to alleviate any fears. I would recommend having a nurse for the first time you inject yourself so you can ask any questions you may have. I then got some antiseptic wipes that were provided and cleaned the area I was going to inject in.

Deciding where to administer the injection

Now, I did think this would be a quick scratch but it turned out not to be like a routine blood test. Oh no. You had to keep the needle in you for about 10 seconds or so; that’s how long it took for the liquid to be fully injected. So, with my nurse watching...I found a good area at the bottom of my stomach to inject the first needle into. A quick scratch and it was in. Then I had to find a second place for the next needle so I went to the other side of my stomach. In the needle went and it was all okay.

My tips for giving yourself injections at home

My main advice if you’re worrying about injecting needles is threefold:

  1. Get a nurse to come on your first visit. Really they should come anyway, but if they don’t ask for one.
  2. Read through the information sheet provided and ask your nursing team any questions. They should be able to provide an answer and it should help alleviate anxieties.
  3. Be brave and remember it will be over before you know it. The treatment itself doesn’t last long and the more you do it the more you’ll feel comfortable with it. Don’t forget also that this treatment is designed to clear your psoriasis so you can go out and enjoy your life without this condition holding you back.

My experience with my biologic medication

I truly have never tried a treatment as good as the biologic injection I am on now. It’s taken me a lot of different treatments to find something that provided good results, but this truly has. It has changed my life for the better. I am more confident, happier, and I feel good about life and everything that comes with it. So, go out there, get your treatment from your dermatologist and you can be the same. It may not all happen straight away, but you will see improvements and that will increase your happiness and confidence levels.

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