Does Air Conditioning Make Your Psoriasis Hurt?

We are coming up on the summer season in the south. I live in Louisiana, and last summer was one of the hottest summers we have had in many years. There were 26 days of temperatures of 100 degrees or more. It was so hot that our lawn was dying. My flowers in my flower beds were dying. We were in extreme drought conditions here, so everyone was asked not to water outdoors. Sadly, like other places, we have had wildfires that have burned land and homes.

You might be thinking then how can you ask if cold air makes the psoriasis hurt?

Getting window air conditioners

We do not have central air and heat in our home. The choice was made to remove it a few years ago when we found most of our ductwork under our trailer had holes in it. Of course, it was going to be super expensive to fix it if we wanted to keep it. That was not an option because we couldn’t afford it at the time.

The next best choice was to get window air conditioners to put in a couple of rooms. I automatically said one had to go into our bedroom for when we sleep at night. The other choice was easy to arrive at. Since we spent so much time in the living room when we are at home that would be where the second one would have to go.

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The air conditioner in our bedroom is in the only window we could put in it. We have a big window, but it is like 3 windows in one. By putting the air conditioner in the smaller window, it blows right across our bed which is the side I sleep on. Normally, I would not have a problem with that because I tend to be very hot most of the time and I spend a lot of time not having any covers on me. Now mind you, this air conditioner has been in this window for several years. It has never been a problem in the past, but it sure seems like it is now.

My AC is starting to cause some pain

My left ankle is completely covered in plaque psoriasis after a recent flare I went through. By habit, I am a right-side sleeper. That puts my left ankle right on top and exposed to the air coming from the air conditioner. It seems to make that ankle throb in pain. I am used to cold air hurting me in the wintertime but not in the summer and not especially with how hot it was, even at night. I tried covering the ankle with a sheet. However, putting a sheet over my ankle does not seem to help. It still seems the cold air comes right through the sheet. Only when I cover it up fully in the blanket will it stop hurting so bad.

For those of you that have air blowing directly on you do you find it to be a problem with your psoriasis? Have you found a remedy for it other than using the blanket? By using the blanket, I am getting hot all over and that doesn’t work for me. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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