Do You Mind Answering Questions About Your Psoriasis?

Last updated: August 2023

Psoriasis is a visible condition. We're so self-conscious thinking that people are staring at us, sometimes, the last thing we want to do is answer questions about our skin or our condition management. But, let's face it. Questions comes up and we owe it ourselves to answer.

Speaking personally, if a child, friend or family member asks a question, I'm happy to answer. I accept it as them being curious with love. However, this is not my approach with strangers or fellow adults. It feels intrusive and a bit disrespectful. I'm more than just the appearance of my skin.

Painful questions about psoriasis I hear the most.

It's be painful to have to answer the same question over and over again. It's enough to drive you crazy. We're human beings - we're allowed to get frustrated, inpatient and simply want to disengage. It makes sense but that's why I think it's important to have some canned responses ready for when those questions come up.

In my opinion, here are the top five questions I feel that we all hear over and over.

  1. Does it hurt? Why yes it hurts. It burns and then itches beyond belief to the point where I scratch and cause more pain.
  2. Is it contagious?No. I promise you cannot catch it if you rub up against me.
  3. Don't they have a cure for it? Boy, do I wish they did. Don't you think I would have already ran to it?
  4. Why can't you just put some lotion on it?Oh my favorite of all time. My body produces skin cells at a rapid pace - lotion ain't gonna help!
  5. Why do you tell everyone about it?Because I live with this disease every day of my life why wouldn't I want people to understand what it is like?

Patience with friends doesn't always come easy

Do you have nurses or doctors even in your family and friend circle? I am lucky to have nurses in mine. My mom was a nurse for years. I have friends that are nurses. When she was alive, my mom would always ask if they were any closer to finding a cure.

While it drove me crazy then there is a part of me that would love to be able to have that conversation with her now that she is no longer with us. My friends, I know they mean well so I am patient with their questions and advice. I feel because they are nurses, they could research whatever questions they have.

We've gained thick skin answering questions about psoriasis

Maybe it feels like I am ranting about this. Somehow, I do not feel like I am alone in this situation. Do you mind answering questions about your psoriasis? Do you mind it even if they are the same questions over and over? I know we have come quite a way with current television commercials making psoriasis not such a misunderstood condition.

However, I do feel like more needs to be done to make psoriasis more understandable for everyone. Maybe then we will not have to keep facing the same questions over and over again, and perhaps just simply live as a human being amongst the plaque-free world.

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