Pain radiates from a woman's armpits as a shaving razor and deodorant stick float behind her.

Psoriasis is the Pits

Picking up something we've dropped, reaching for a bowl on the top shelf, and waving to a friend. We use and rely on our arms for some of the most simple tasks that make our lives so much easier.

As the title of this article states, psoriasis is the pits. More than just slang for something bad or unpleasant - I'm talking armpits. Not only is this a tricky area to treat - but it's already so sensitive.

How psoriasis in the armpits impacts my life

These appendages make our lives a hell of a lot easier - unless those most sensitive parts of this specific body part are exposed, raw, and painfully irritated.

Inverse and guttate psoriasis are known for causing chaos in the armpits. Symptoms can be distinctly painful, itchy, and cause severe discomfort. A severe flare can land you up in bed unable to do a lot of things for yourself.

I break down a few ways armpit psoriasis impacts daily life...

To shave or not to shave

Armpit hair. Should we be hairless or should we be fluffy? Should we wax or shave? This is a personal choice. Each of us has an option to find what works for us, aesthetically, and for our psoriasis.

There are various ways to remove armpit hair, just always remember to keep the effect on your psoriasis in mind, trial small areas and give your skin 48 hours to show how it feels about what you have done. As always with psoriasis. What works for one does not work for another.

In some countries/ social circles, it is more acceptable than in others, for women to have long armpit hair. Hereabouts where I live, it is not really something that you will see often. I have tried to clean shave, I have tried to shave with an electric shaver, but they all cause me distinct irritation and make my skin flare.

For the last few weeks, I have not shaved, and just let my body do what it needs to do. There is less itching and less irritation. I am hardly aware of the spots under my arm anymore. They get moisturized at night along with the rest of me. Honestly, I need a tub that I can just lower into and lay in the moisturizer until enough has been absorbed.

Underarm deodorant

Along with giving shaving a break. I started looking at what underarm antiperspirant I was using. The ingredient list was not really something I wanted to apply to my skin, let alone my psoriasis.

There are alternatives. I began using a deodorant rock or crystal deodorant. It goes by different names in different places. This is by far one of the best changes that I have made.

Now I won't lie, it took my body a little while to adapt to changing from commercial products to the deodorant rock. But it was 100% worth the change. I have an aversion to not-so-wonderful smells and I managed to do this.

Just another symptom to manage...

Having psoriasis in the armpits is just another painful part of managing life with this chronic condition. There are so many things to consider - the emotional toll is draining.

So what do you think? Did I miss anything? How does psoriasis in the armpits impact your life? What tips and tricks can you share?

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