Avoiding Food Triggers

As the weather begins to warm up, and we are transitioning post-pandemic, more outings are filling up my calendar.  That means brunches, lunches, dinners, parties, wineries, event after event after event. I love a good celebration, especially with my family, but I don't love having a flare after making some not so healthy food decisions.

Nothing sweet about flares

During the pandemic, having an awful flare pushed me to keep a food journal. I was trying to figure out what could be causing new plaques to pop up everywhere almost daily. I found out quickly there was nothing sweet about my sweet tooth. Reading labels showed me I was consuming a lot of sugar. Researching I learned that things high in sugar could contribute to inflammation. Reading labels and learning all of the different names of sugar helped me to become more aware.

Start a Forum

In one of the psoriasis support groups I am in someone spoke about removing gluten from your diet to help with inflammation. I went down a rabbit hole, and found so much information on the gluten free diet. For months I was hard core gluten free, and I do feel it helped quite a bit. Although it has been hard for me personally to be consistent with it, I do my best to purchase gluten free items. There's a cute, but small section in my grocery store with gluten free goods.

Libation temptation

Awareness is something else! I began to notice whenever I would drink my favorite alcoholic beverage I would have a flare. I didn't realize it until I paid attention by writing it down. Unfortunately, my favorite beverages are cocktails, full of what: SUGAR! Harsh realities hit and I have had to accept that adjustments are necessary. My favorite place in the spring is the winery, how am I going to do this! Here's where my Pinterest addiction kicked in to support my immune system. I began pinning mocktails and found alcohol free beverages in my local grocery store. Whenever I would go to family events I brought my own special beverages sans alcohol. Funny enough others would have more of it than I would!

For nights out at a restaurant or other events I would steer away from any alcohol high in sugar. Of course, being human, I've made other decisions like having that yummy margarita, but I've also paid for it in plaques. It's not easy to flip the switch on what you've been used to or what you like. I haven't been hard on myself, but I do hold myself accountable for any choices I make. I am more conscious and make efforts to do better and as best as possible make the best choices for the libations I want to have.

Enjoy responsibly

Whether it's food or alcohol choices, it's important for me to make the best decisions for my health. Journaling opened my eyes to this for sure. It's never easy adjusting to new things whether it's a gluten free diet or swapping cocktails for mocktails. It's all a part of the process for better health. I've come to believe that psoriaisis has helped me focus on better health in general. Most of my issues with inflammation can or have led to other health issues. Because of this alone it is beyond worth it to me to make changes with my diet for my health.

Sharing here with you all has reinspired me to go back to Pinning! I can't wait already to see what new no or low sugar drink options I can make. I'm also excited to find new recipes to dive into. Recently I've heard the Mediterranean diet is a great thing to consider for those living with inflammatory diseases. Shifting and being willing to make adjustments has only served me well. I am human so things will happen, thankfully we are given opportunities to make new choices each day.

Is your psoriasis triggered by certain foods? I think it's fascinating how the body tells you that something is not for you. Have you tried different diets or strategies to steer clear from things that cause you to flare? What's the hardest thing about this for you? Have you found any yummy alternatives to anything you've had to give up? I'm truly interested to know all about it. Can't wait to hear back with some of your own strategies and maybe even recipes.

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