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How I Feel Before Seeing a Dermatologist

Visiting the doctor should be a helpful experience. But too often, that is not the case. Many community members have shared that their exams often do not go well. If you relate to that experience, you are not alone.

How do those with psoriasis feel before seeing their doctor?

To learn more about the range of experiences that people with psoriasis have, we reached out to the Facebook community. We asked, “How do you feel before seeing your doctor?”

More than 50 community members responded, and a variety of emotions emerged. Here are the most common ones they shared.

Nervous and fearful

A doctor's visit is such a time of uncertainty that it can lead to anxiety. Many people shared that they are nervous that their doctor will not take the time to truly listen. Plus, it can be hard not to dread a worst-case scenario. If you feel this way, it can help remind you that a good outcome is just as possible as a bad one.

  • “Apprehensive. I wonder, ‘Will they listen or not?’”
  • “Takes me to the verge of a panic attack. I have to have someone else drive.”
  • “Fear that I have waited too long and have a dangerous problem.”


Other community members expressed anger when it was time to see the doctor. Some wrote that they do not feel heard, and their doctors dismiss their concerns. It makes sense to feel frustrated if past medical visits have not turned out as you had hoped.

  • “Pissed because the dermatologist physician’s assistant talks over me.”
  • “Usually irritated. I am trying to find another rheumatologist, as the last one was a total bust.”
  • “Irritated for having spent so much time in the waiting room.”
  • “Pissed because it is the same old bullcrap. He never listens. When I bring up a concern, he tells me I have more important issues.”


Several respondents shared that they feel depressed when it is time to see the doctor. They have met with so many and have yet to have any success. It is hard to hope for anything different.

However, some people also shared that they do eventually meet with doctors who prescribe medicines that work. That medicine might be all they need, or it may work for just a season. Either way, that success helps them continue the journey.

  • “Depressed and scared.”
  • “Completely hopeless, which is why I do not go to the doctor.”
  • “Pretty depressed. I have had psoriasis 2016 all over my face, forehead, and ears. But I keep chugging along, trying different medicines and ointments.”


Some people described being unaffected by going to the doctor. They have learned to live with their diagnosis and the doctor visits accompanying it.

  • “Resigned. He is aware that I am very knowledgeable about my disease. We both know it is a condition I will probably be living with for life, and we will do what keeps me the most comfortable. I am pretty happy with him.”
  • “​​I am OK with it. Whatever will be will be.”

Content and happy

Many respondents shared that they like and appreciate their doctor. It can take time, but it is possible to find one who listens, cares, and offers support. Some people even become friends with their doctors.

  • “My doctor is my friend, so I have no problem discussing things.”
  • “I have finally found the perfect dermatologist, so I am very happy.”
  • “Great! I finally found one who actually does an exam and listens.”

How do you feel before going to see the dermatologist? What are your appointments usually like? Feel free to share your story here.

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