A stomach with plaques on the belly button. Two hands are about to scratch the area. Irritation.

Psoriasis In The Belly Button

When it comes to psoriasis, we all know that the plaques can form just about anywhere on the body. This means patches can arise on the arms, legs, buttocks, and scalp. It can be a painful experience and the red blotches may bleed and lead to staining on the clothes.

One area that is not often discussed is how psoriasis affects the belly button. It’s one thing to have the condition on your stomach, but to have psoriasis in your belly button, it can make the disease seem ever more irritating. I have suffered from psoriasis in my belly button on about every flare I’ve had of the condition these past 15 or so years. And as I’ve said, I find it a rather annoying place to have it.

How does psoriasis get in the belly button?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Belly button psoriasis is just like psoriasis anywhere else. It’s red, it itches and it has skin on the top that forms over the redness. I find it one of the places where I scratch the most. And I usually regret doing so. The flakes fall off but then I am left with a liquid-like feel over my plaque. It sometimes hurts afterward and I know that the area where the condition has formed is likely to get larger.

To start, my psoriasis in the belly button only covered a small area. After scratching, it went to cover my entire belly button and the skin leading into it.

What are treatment options?

I was hoping my biologic injection may help. So far, it has been good at clearing my psoriasis elsewhere but has failed to shift the condition in my belly button. Instead, the disease has only got larger in this area, and I am finding it difficult to resist scratching or itching.

As the biologic hasn’t worked, I am now resorting to moisturizing more frequently. I am using Cetraben cream. I have only started these past few days but it is doing well. I am feeling my condition less red and raw, and certainly less itchy.

Talking with your doctor

However, I know I will have to let my medical team know at the next appointment that psoriasis in my belly button hasn’t gone. Last time, when I still had bits of psoriasis on my leg and scalp, they said the medication would take time to work. I am hoping, therefore, that the combination of continued biologic treatment with my Cetraben cream will help to clear the condition on my stomach.

The key to dealing with little bits of psoriasis while you’re on medication is to try and let the treatment work. The distress this disease can cause can make it feel like it’s hanging on forever. It’s important to let yourself try each treatment and see what works. Like all treatments, some patients see clearance very quickly, whereas others can take a number of months to see any improvement.

I am hopeful that because I have already seen a positive difference that by waiting a little bit longer, my belly button psoriasis will clear and I will feel confident again as we welcome summer.

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