Outfit laid out for fall, comfortable clothes for autumn, lotion, and anti-inflammatory apple.

A Change of Seasons Means A Change In Psoriasis Routine

Fall is officially upon us. There is a crispness in the air that lets us know that summer is officially behind us. While the summer season is more carefree, spontaneous, and warm - the autumn season brings coziness and a change of routine. With some easy tips, you can casually and comfortably stroll right into fall.

Falling into the new season

New seasons are a great time for reevaluating your current psoriasis treatment plan. Ask yourself what is working or what could use an adjustment. Think about what medications and treatments are currently in your psoriasis toolbox and if anything needs to be adjusted once the seasons change. 

It’s a good time to make any doctor’s appointments that you may have been putting off during the busy, carefree summer. Seasons bring change - both physically and emotionally. The fall is the perfect time to check in with your mental health. Check in with how you're feeling overall and if you're emotionally equipped for the winter ahead.

What does the fall season mean for those with psoriasis?

For some with psoriasis, the fall season may present a time to rejoice. We can finally start wearing those long sleeves and pants to cover our spots without completely overheating. It’s easier to cover your psoriasis plaques with fall fashion, and we certainly won’t miss the sweat!

Even in fall, keep fabrics loose and light and layer when the weather gets cooler. Choose soft and organic fabrics and stay away from synthetic fibers, which can irritate psoriasis plaques.

A new season also means new fresh foods!

Fall brings in a new crop of fresh anti-inflammatory foods. We're talking apples, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, winter squash, parsnips, peas, ginger, lettuce, and sweet potatoes.

Incorporating these anti-inflammatory foods will work to decrease inflammation from within the body, and with them in season, they’ll be easy to find at the store and farmer’s markets. Even though meals tend to get heartier and more comfort driven, it’s a great time to start enjoying healthy soups and stews.

You’re also getting into food-focused holidays with lots of treats, so time to make mindful and balanced choices.

How our skin can make up for the loss of Vitamin D

With the change of seasons, you may lose the benefits of the sun and the sea. The sun’s UVB rays are effective at treating psoriasis symptoms because they slow the rate of skin growth. The saltwater from the ocean can slough off psoriasis flakes and improve the appearance and texture of the skin, which helps in reducing itch and redness.

You can still head outside in the fall to enjoy the benefits of the sun. Vitamin D can help reduce inflammation throughout your body, and you can still enjoy the sun on your visible spots. You can also replicate the benefits of the ocean with a soak in a Dead Sea or Epsom salt bath.

Embrace the fall season!

With the cooler weather, you may start putting on the heat inside, which can dry out your skin. Keep your skin moisturized with lotion or body oil, and it’s a good time to start sleeping with a humidifier to add moisture to the air.

Any change of season is the perfect time for reflection and resetting. Celebrate and embrace this new fall season and all the ways you choose to welcome in these beautiful new changes.

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