Psoriasis and Coconut Oil

I love using coconut oil for my psoriasis. I find it’s an amazing moisturizer and really helps to replenish my skin and soothe my patches.

I first started using coconut oil for my scalp psoriasis many years ago now. I’ve had very thick psoriasis patches over the years, making it very difficult for my hair to be cut or just to keep the general maintenance of my hair up, such as washing and drying.

I spent years trying all sorts of products, including coal tar shampoos, in the hope the scales would become easier to lift and to remove from my scalp, but as I did, they came back faster, larger and angrier. I was completely at the end of my tether, and could not find a solution.

That was, until, I came across coconut oil in my local health shop. I started with a small pot at first just to see if I liked it, and it worked.

Finding immediate relief

On warmer days, the coconut oil would be like syrup, but when it was cold, it was very hard. I began by getting a teaspoon and scooping out a few chunks, rubbing it with my hands and then applying it to my scalp.

I remember it immediately feeling less itchy, and the whole process just seemed to soothe my scalp and the patches.

I kept going until my scalp was completely covered with all the patches at least getting a little bit of the coconut oil. I also purchased a shower cap as I initially kept it in overnight and I did not want to get the oil on my bedding, bed or headboard.

My shower routine with coconut oil

In the morning, I got up, took my shower cap off my head and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and my hair looked shinier but I also noticed the flakes were coming off the patches, showing mere redness. I got my hair comb and began taking the flakes off the patches, doing it as carefully as I could so I did not take chunks off my hair out with it. Some did, admittedly, go with the flakes, but it wasn’t too much and thankfully it did grow back.

I then got in the shower and began to wash the coconut oil out of my hair using a general shampoo. I did one wash, and then put more shampoo in my hair. I repeated the process three times, just to make sure the oil and the shampoo were definitely out. I then proceeded to condition my hair as you usually would if you were washing without the oil.

When I looked in the mirror after, the flakes were gone, my hair seemed fresher and nicer and all I could see were red patches.

Coconut oil has been great for my scalp psoriasis

But I have now gone through this process many times since and I can honestly say it has been life-changing for my scalp psoriasis.

I have also tried putting coconut oil on patches on my body and it works as great moisturizer. It’s like a thick lotion. It’s great.

However, it’s definitely best in the scalp. While the oil will not get rid of your psoriasis, it will make treating it and maintaining it a lot easier, so when you come to apply other treatments or medication, it won’t prove as burdensome. The good thing about coconut oil is it’s all natural, is relatively cheap to get and it will leave your patches feeling soothed and itch-free for a time.

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